Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas is about the Magic Moments.

 You've racked for your brain for present ideas, created a list, braved the crowds, searched high and low for bargain prices, invented tricky new hiding places, wrapped a million presents and now a lovely pile of beautifully gift wrapped presents sit gleaming under your tree.
But you're not sure if you got the right things. You're not sure if you bought too many presents or worse, not enough. 
Then, you remember Christmas lunch/dinner.
Does everyone involved eat meat? Will they prefer turkey or ham? Is it ok to just serve cold meats? How many salads do you need? Have I considered everyone's allergies? Arghhh, I haven't even started thinking about dessert!
 Prawn fights at Christmas Lunch 2008.

Christmas can be overwhelming! So much focus gets thrown on the perfect meal, the perfect tree, perfect decorations and the perfect present, that we often forget that there is so much more to Christmas day. I'm not from a religious family, so although I do understand the background of Christmas that's not even what I'm talking about here. Christmas is about little magic moments with your family and friends that you will remember forever. It's a special feeling of anticipation, excitement, love and joy that no other day quite compares to.

Christmas Day 2010.

 When I stop and think back on the memorable moments from past Christmas's it's not all about the food that was on my plate or what the tree looked like or even the gifts, it's moments like these:
  • Waking up and sneaking into my sisters room so we could decide together whether or not it was an acceptable hour to wake the parents.
  • Walking into the lounge room one Christmas and looking out the back door to see Santa's footprints made from snow and chewed up carrot that the reindeer left.
  • The moment after all the gifts have been unwrapped and you look around the lounge room and there is no floor due to the wrapping paper mess.
  • Afternoon naps. Once Christmas lunch is done and everyone retreats to recover.
  • Getting to the age where Christmas had lost a bit of it's sparkle and then getting to spend it with my cousins who were little kids. The excitement of helping them to open presents and showing them how their new toys work.
  • Time spent with family. One Christmas we played an epic Pictionary game that went on for hours and was so much fun. 
Silly moments with bon-bons! LOVE! Christmas 2010.

Experiences make such better memories than physical items ever will. 
So before you go getting yourself all wound up in the next few days leading to Christmas, step back, breathe, and soak it all in. Stop worrying about the perfect details and cherish the time you have to spend with your family and friends during the most special time of year!

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