Friday, December 13, 2013

Boost a Post on Facebook.

Lately I've been reading a lot of advice from my favourite bloggers on how they made blogging work for them. A few months back I decided that the next step for my blog was to create a Facebook page {you can LIKE it HERE}. I invited a heap of my friends to follow and mentioned it on the blog and twitter, but I have to be honest, i didn't reach quite the audience I would have hoped. I'm currently sitting around 87 followers and while I love that my friends and family can be quickly and easily informed of new posts, I am disappointed that I haven't found a way to connect with more bloggers through Facebook.
And so, I decided to try out the "BOOST POST" feature for Facebook pages.
First, I selected the post to 'boost'. I was hoping for increased page likes and ultimately click through's and therefore increased blog views, as well as hopefully some more page likes. With this in mind, I chose to share a photo with a blurb about my latest post full of blogging tips. I placed the link to the post in the comments. 
Next, I had to decide who to promote the post to. I decided not to go for the "friends and their friends" option as I was hoping to connect with other bloggers and blog readers and knew that very few of my friends were interested in this area. Instead I chose a demographic and specific interests to target my post at.
Then, I needed to set a budget. Not sure how this would work out for me I decided to go cheap and opted for a $10 budget with my boost spread over 10 days. Facebook estimated a reach of 1600-2300 views.
The results?
Well, to be honest I don't think it was worth it all. I generally get anywhere between 20-60 views on a post and about 5-20 clicks. On this post I got 3200 views, but only 203 clicks and as far as I can tell only 1 new facebook fan from this method. My blog traffic didn't magically jump up over night and well, nothing really seemed to change at all.
I won't be rushing to pay facebook to promote my posts again anytime soon, that's for sure. I think this method is best left to business and stores, who I feel may benefit from it more so then my little ol blog.
Have YOU tested out the facebook "boost"?
I'd love to know what your experience with this was like?
Please share in the comments!!

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theexceptionallyaverage said...

Helpful to know!

night owl said...

the fb page didnt come up.

Karrine Beasley said...

Oh dangit! Thanks for letting me know, try this one:

Hope it works!

Kate Hall said...

Karinne this is super helpful to know! That boost button always has be curious, great topic to post on!

Karrine Beasley said...

Thanks Kate! I think it could also be a good way to possibly promote a giveaway, but I don't think it would ever be useful for bringing in followers that want to interact with the page or the blog connected to it :)

Zia @ Bits of Days said...

I never tried FB Boost Post but I think, to gain the full advantage of the ad, one needs bigger budget(if you look at serious internet marketer they'd spend hundreds even thousands of dollars advertising their service/products on the internet), and also 'real product' other than just a blog article. Besides, I agree with you, that advertising on FB is not effective, as I read somewhere it's better to advertise with Google AdWords instead.

Serenely said...

I've always wondered about that option whenever I share something on my page. Definitely not worth it. Thanks for being the test subject for us and sharing your experience. I'm on a similar trend as you at just 88 likes. Can't seem to break through the ceiling to get to 100! FB seems to be tightening the visibility of page posts nowadays to try and make more money from their advertising and promotion services. So far, the most effective way of expanding my network was through organic networking via other fellow bloggers and blogging communities. So thanks for reaching out!

Karrine Beasley said...

Yep its definitely getting harder and harder to have the pages seen, but i'd rather keep working on it slowly and building relationships, than pay to have 3000 people view a post and not care about it at all. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Karrine Beasley said...

Yeah I completely agree, that's why I think the boost would be better for businesses and stores who have bigger budgets and are promoting different things. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment :)

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