Monday, December 9, 2013

Best EVER Blogging Advice!

Sick of being just another blogger from the block? Want to make it as BIG as J-Lo?
I've complied the top Aussie blogging advice to help you go from only having a little to having a lot (of loyal followers!?)

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write in an engaging style
every comment on the blog is responded to
every comment on her Facebook Page is responded to
every incoming Tweet to our Twitter account is responded to
-  Problogger

I learnt that blogging is a valid career choice and is mostly about following your dreams. It’s so exciting to hear of people making their way in the world doing the thing they love. And at a conference like this there are HEAPS of them. People who marked out careers in writing, photography, web nerdiness and everything in between. People who sang, people who hug and especially people who follow their heart, their gut and their head to the life they never dreamed they wanted.
Those bloggers taught me that life can be whatever you want it to be. Your dream is your own and to go for for it. Worst case scenario you’ve got some great blog content if you’re willing to write about your own colossal failures. Which sounds just about perfect for me. I know now where I’m heading and what this blog midlife crisis was all about. I’m clear now.
You need to show up, get in to it, promote it, own it and flog it. Every day you need to think about pimping out your blog to Twitter and Facebook. You need to reply to comments, get active and start conversations.
This is how your blog will learn to fly on it’s own.
Put the work in and discipline yourself. Sell yourself and your blog over and over again and people will start believing in it.

Make it obvious if you are PR Friendly. And by PR Friendly, I mean that you are open to receiving press releases, story suggestions, product review/giveaway offers, etc. Add a page on your blog that explains what you are open to doing and ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. It’s frustrating when you want to email a blogger about an opportunity and you can’t find their contact details!
- Tina

Anything is possible. I’ve always said that there really are no rules in blogging. You can write a few times a week, or just a few times a month. Online is so relatively new, that anything can and does happen. New platforms are being created, new ideas being explored, it’s a fun time to play around. All you have to do is be brave enough to jump on in…
- Fat Mum Slim

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night owl said...

this is good advice. I'd love for my numbers to jump and they have from what i started a year ago but I want avid readers/commenters. I want the same as I do for other bloggers. Read the blog every day if not weekly and comment on every one I read.

Karrine Beasley said...

Yeah I'd love it if more people read my blog regularly too. I try to visit all the blogs I follow atleast once a week and I comment as often as possible, although i try to never comment for the sake of it, sometimes I just have nothing to say.

Melissa Walker Horn said...

Thank you for the mention lovely. You've collected some great advice there.

night owl said...

i'm a commenter and a talker anyways. so regardless there's always something that I comes to mind when i read a blog. even if its a quote or something

Karrine Beasley said...

Thanks Mel. I hope noone minds their inclusion in this post, I specifically only took small snippets of posts to entice people back to the original posters too :)
And I HAD to include you, because you always have such wonderful advice! I will admit I had a hard time picking out just one piece of your advice :) xx

Katrina Chambers said...

Thank you for including me. X

Karrine Beasley said...

Ofcourse, you have so much wonderful advice on your blog and a pretty awesome blog just in general too! :)

Melissa Walker Horn said...

I'm sure they won't hun. It's a great idea for a post.

And naaaaw, you're the best. Thank you. x

Tina Gray said...

Thanks for including me, Karrine xx

Karrine Beasley said...

No worries! You always have great advice and i've looked up to you and your blogging skills for a long time now :)

Janet from Redland City Living said...

Fantastic to see all this great advice in one spot. I'm bookmarking it for the next time I get assailed by doubts! xxx

Karrine Beasley said...

Thanks Janet! Great idea, lots of inspiration there :) xx

zozo said...

Nice tips!
I just got started with blogging but hopefully I can keep it up and stay passionate about it.
p.s. I'm following you now on GFC as well as bloglovin.
atelier zozo

Mrs Woog said...

I think that the best bloggers are the ones who share their knowledge xx

Karrine Beasley said...

ahhh Mrs Woog is commenting on my blog... excitement! And yes I agree, I love it when a blogger is just passionate about what they do and want to share what they have learnt! :)

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