Friday, November 22, 2013

Tween/Teen/Young Adult Christmas Gift Guide

Tis almost the season to be jolly, but sometimes it's hard to be merry and carefree at this time of year with all the worries of what to buy for people and how much christmas cake to serve on the big day.
While I can provide absolutely no advice on how much cake to serve, I thought I'd provide a helping hand with a list of realistic and affordable gift suggestions for the tween/teen/young adult FEMALE (i also have zero insight into males) in your life. I've broken them down into aged categories but let me tell you right now, they are very loosely broken down aka. i would happily accept any of these gifts at the ripe old age of 23!


1. 1D Movie: This is Us. The perfect choice for any one directioner. The DVD isn't on sale in Australia until the 20th of December though so be sure to preorder to ensure arrival before christmas day.
2. ipod - or whatever the latest and greatest music playing device is at the time. itouches are the big thing at the moment apparently, basically an iphone without the call functions.
3. Fairy lights: The perfect addition to any Tween bedroom. Fairy lights or lanterns can be cute or grown up depending on the style, choose to match the gift recipient.


teen gift ideas

1. Necklace/Jewelry. A standard gift but something that can be used by the recipient and may be as cheap or expensive as you like. My advice, go for long silver or gold chain necklaces with small charms (my style favourite). Keeping it simple makes it likely to suit the style of more people and hopefully that of your recipient.
2. A manicure. Nail polish has always been a stock standard gift, and while nice to receive my nails always look pretty dodgy if I do them myself. So why not go a step further and really treat your gift recipients nails to a manicure gift voucher. You could also include a pedicure, facial or any other beauty services.
3. Clutch. A small purse that's just big enough to hold the essentials (phone, money, lipgloss). Opt for a bright pops of colour, stud detailing and cute clasps.

Young Adult

1. A Duffel/Overnight bag. Always useful and available in a huge range of styles and colours, the overnight bag is the perfect gift for the girl who is always away from home. Whether it's staying with friends after big nights out, spontaneous road trips or sleeping over at the boyfriend's these bags will get used!
2. The Summer Onesie. A Onesie with short legs that is perfect for summer sleep-ins. 
3. New Adult Fiction Books. New Adult is the freshest genre on the book writting scene, created to entertain the 18-25 year age group. Suggestions include: anything written by Gemma Burgess, 'Girls in White Dresses' by Jennifer Close and 'Losing it' by Cora Carmack.

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