Friday, November 8, 2013

The Summer Onesie.

If you're new around here you may not know that I am obsessed with onesies, but let me tell you they are simply the best! Easy to get into, comfy, warm and cute as hell. What's not to love!? 
Well, actually I  have one little issue with my footed, hooded, full length giraffe onesie. It's heating up, leading into Summer here in Australia and that onesie is just too hot. 

Enter, The Summer Onesie!

Aren't these just the coolest pajamas ever!?

Lightweight, short length, bright and colourful, still has a hood and fringe!!
I picked up this spring/summer essential online and can't wait to see the style start to hit stores. Stuck for christmas gift ideas for the tween/teen/young adult in your life? These are totes the answer.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

That is pretty cool. I can't say that I love onesies but it looks great on you :)

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