Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to be a popular fitspiration instagram.

So you want to be the number one fitspiration instagram account huh?
Easy! Just set yourself a weightloss/health/fitness goal, work toward it all the while documenting your progress and share plenty of quotes and other inspiring sayings and images to spur your followers on!
Sounds easy enough, but as someone who has recently started following a heap of fitspiration instagram accounts to inspire my own weightloss/fitness journey, I'm thinking maybe it isn't so easy for some. To help I've complied a few tid-bits of advice on how to stand out from the (ever-growing) pack.

1) Make your own memes.
I cannot stress this enough! No, I do not want to see the same lame quote over an image of a sunrise 3000 times in one day. If you're claiming to be some fitness guru, inspirational mentor or healthy living champion than come up with your OWN stuff. It's definitely not hard given the millions of apps available for FREE that do all the creation work for you!

2) Learn to take decent photos.
Instagram is about sharing photos, so make them good ones! Simple right!?
And no, just because you put a filter on it doesn't make the photo well composed or set up!
Remember, practice makes perfect.

3) Think before you post.
Last nights colourful salad set up in the shape of a rainbow all pretty and bright... EXCELLENT!
Last nights half a chicken breast with one piece of brocolli and 3 bits of carrot... please oh please NO!
You are trying to INSPIRE me, not make me feel like I need to starve myself or eat meals void of any flavour or spice for the rest of my life!
Stop and think before hitting upload, will this inspire my followers or leave them feeling empty and defeated!?
*images not belonging to myself were found on pinterest. I was unable to track the original source.

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