Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happiness on Hump Day v.3

My Happiness Indicators

1. Work.
Spending time in the classroom, teaching, staying busy and making money. While I'm not always super excited to head out the door every morning, I do enjoy the job I have and am grateful to be getting plenty of work.

2. Cinnamon Tea.
Yummmmmy! I picked this up randomly from Woolworths last week to try and loved it. This week it has totally replaced Green Tea as my go to hot drink. If you are looking for something that has flavour but is still a healthy choice, try some cinnamon tea!

3. Warm weather.
Summer is on it's way folks! We are just over half way through November and here on the far south coast the sun is shining and heating up.

4. Lost 5kg.
Yayayayayay! I've lost 5 of the 9kg's i put on while in America. Woop woop!
Definitely a big reason i'm smiling today.


Night Owl said...

hey. found you thru a fellow blogger. thought I'd check you out. Wanted to follow you but when I did, an error came up which sucks.

Karrine Beasley said...

Hey Night Owl, my google follow box is showing that you are following, so must have worked after all :)
Thanks so much stopping by and following!!

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