Thursday, November 14, 2013

Casual Teaching and the Job Application Process.

My life of late consists mainly of sleeping, eating, personal training, group fitness training, blogging, casual teaching and job application writing.
I guess it's called growing up. No more uni life of sleeping in, eating out, partying, attending the odd class and spending all my spare time with my friends.

the book i'm reading at the moment totally gets me. "girls in white dresses" by jennifer close.

For the most part I am enjoying my life of casual teaching. With money not a primary concern (since I live back with the parentals), it's nice to not have to work a 9-5 job 5 days a week. Sure, it's a crazy mad rush when I get called in last minute but I enjoy teaching and find myself going a tad cray cray if I don't have any work for awhile. That said, I'm ready for my own classroom.

I'm ready to set the schedule, to plan the lessons, to build stronger relationships with the students, to set the behaviour expectations and implement my own behaviour management strategy. I want to see a whole unit of work through over the course of a term, instead of teaching isolated lessons with little to no context.  I want to be able to decorate a class exactly how I see fit (currently lusting after Dr. Suess inspired set ups) and to hang my students work proudly. I just really want my own classroom.

So, I've been filling out the applications and writing the selection criteria. I wait each Wednesday for the teacher job feed to pop up in  my inbox and I quickly scan to find the suitable jobs for me. I am applying EVERYWHERE (except Sydney at the moment) in NSW. I just want a job and my own classroom, I don't care where that means I end up.

So cross your fingers for me and share your best job application tips in the comments.
How did YOU land your job??


Susannah said...

I hope your job search goes amazingly and you land your perfect teaching position!!! :-)

Holly Taylor said...

oh em gee, i hate the selection criteria! i'm actually applying right now for some casual work that fits in with uni and takes ages - gah!

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