Sunday, November 17, 2013

America smells like piss.

Yes, you did read the title correctly.

Statue of Liberty up close and personal!

America, or  more precisely American cities smell like a cat's litter box. Take New York for example, the stench of urine is almost inescapable. At every twist and turn the scent of piss. I don't know why or where the smell comes from, though i'm sure it's partially due to those carriage horses circling Central Park. Luckily for New York it has so much more to offer then a horrible underlying smell. 

New York Public Library - love!

San Francisco however, well nothing there to compensate for the unsavoury smells. Note: I also stumbled upon human faeces on the street in San Fran, safe to say it wasn't my favourite American city.

At Fisherman's Wharf. My favourite part of San Fran - which smelt rather like fish.

So, there you go, a totally useless and pointless post for you all today, but for what's it worth at least it's an honest travel post void of rose colored glasses and the need to retell every moment post trip as though it were an episode of getaway.

1 comment:

Holly Taylor said...

Yes, I totally agree with you - all the big cities in the US smell so bad. It makes you love Australian even more, doesn't it?

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