Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Return to the Regular.

well it's been awhile folks...
i was caught up in the excitement of travel, new places, new things, etc. etc. etc.
then i was caught up in the excitement of heading back home...
family to see, a dog to snuggle and friends to visit...
but i can now say that i am back to regular life, almost as though i never left.

the USA was fantastic!
i travelled from chicago to new york to niagra falls to boston to miami to orlando to vegas to the grand canyon to san francisco to san diego to santa monica!!!

my must-sees: 

 the lights of ontario, canada reflect off niagra.

niagra falls at night!!
see it during the day and then visit again at night for a totally different experience - oh and wear a rain jacket!!

jumping in the canyon.

the grand canyon!
it took an 11 hour round trip from vegas to get there but it was totally worth it...
take a camera with a multi-shot function to capture some awesome jumping shots.

tumblers in vegas. hotel: circus, circus.

wow, just wow...
how else do you describe this place!?!
my hotel had about 7 restaurants, the world's largest indoor theme park, arcade games, a circus act and of course a couple of casinos all INSIDE of it!!

9/11 site church.

church at the 9/11 memorial site!
the 9/11 memorial itself was an experience but the church nearby that housed rescue workers after the attack was a surprise highlight of my trip...
while the memorial was humbling, the church was emotional and made the tragedy feel so much more real to me with images of victims and rescue workers...
definitely worth a visit.

santa monica sunset.

santa monica!
i really enjoyed my time spent in santa monica, from the pier to the 3rd street promenade...
i loved staying somewhere with a beach and a real summer vibe to it, that was close enough to spend a day exploring hollywood or beverly hills.
if you're ever in santa monica, be sure to take a walk (about 30 minutes) down to venice beach, where you will find street stalls, vibrant characters and plenty of tattoo shops (i even got my tragus pierced while i was there).

from the 9/11 church.

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