Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Aussie in... New York!

wow, new york, how do i even begin to describe it...
busy, loud, crowded, bright, lights, yellow taxi cabs, people everywhere, non stop, huge, exciting and so much more.
i just had to try a New York hot dog :)
New York was everything i expected and so much more...
The must sees from my experience:
- the statue of liberty!!!
We took a ferry out to the statue and took a self guided audio tour, it was a great way to see the statue from a range of different angles and learn all about why she is there and where she came from.
- empire state building and top of the rock.
Honestly do both!!! Make sure you do one in the day and one at night so you can take two very different and yet totally amazing views of New York city.
-9/11 memorial.
A well made and touching tribute for such a terribly sad event. Also go to the church here as it is possibly even more touching then the memorial itself.
- see something on Broadway!!
I have wanted to see wicked for sooooooo long and to finally get to see it and on Broadway no less was an amazing and unforgettable experience!
Basically, if you are travelling to new York city,
Just explore it!!
Walk around, anywhere, there is so much to discover and see...
Spend time in central park, visit little Italy, walk the Brooklyn bridge and take in all the diversity that the city has to offer!

and don't forget to grab a slice of NY pizza too!
(and trust me you'll only need one slice, these pizzas be HUGE!)

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