Friday, June 28, 2013

So week two with campers is almost through...

the average day (of which i am quickly learning, there is none) goes as follows:

815: wake up

830: breakfast (there is one cooked option each day eg. oatmeal, pancakes, bagels etc. and cereal is always available)

9: head back to the cabin for clean up and to get ready for the day

1030: activities start (this week the activities i assist with are photography, the radio station and mostly gymnastics)

1115: second activity

12: third activity

1245: get ready for lunch

1: lunch (we get a cooked option and there is always a salad bar)

2: rest period (chill out... i 've been reading brooklyn girls and finished the series in like 5 days it was so good!)

3: more activities

515: time to shower and chill and get ready for the night

6: dinner

7: evening program (eg. socials with boys camps, blue and white games, shows by the staff etc.)

9: back to the cabins

1030: lights out.

on wednesdays and saturdays some staff get days off so there really is no average day, we run half staff random activities on these days and sundays are our lazy days when we get to sleep til 1030 :)

this place is crazy and go go go go all the time... its a lot to get used to and adjust to... there are plenty of homesick internationals and we are all facing different issues with fitting in to camp and working everything out... ive had days where i would rather not be here and days where i think its the best place ever!

it was sooooo hot and sunny on tuesday and when you are trying to help out with gymnastics in scorching heat its hard to stay happy about it but then i just think of the freezing cold at home and bask in the sunshine!

yesterday (wednesday) it was a half staff day, so some of the international staff had to get up early and head into a nearby town to get social security numbers...

we missed breakfast so we got to stop at a little diner and i ordered egg, bacon and panckae yumyumum!

when we got back to camp we were informed that it was a water carnival day = FUN!

i wish i had a way to upload the photos and videos i got on my camera ...

i was sent to work at the giant slip and slide all day...

it was hilarious and i had soooo many turns, my butt is now covered in bruises im sure...

there was a dunk tank aswell and i had a couple of goes being dunked in the freezing cold water, it was absolutely hilarious!!

in rest period we had time to sit in the sun and tan a little...

it was the best day that i have had at camp so far and i loved that it really truly felt like summer for the first time (even if it did rain later last night while we were having a social with a local boys camp).

i wish i had better photos to share with you all, but i can only post those that are on my tablet and sooo....

a meal in town on a day off, its so weird that they serve potato crisps with meals as chips!

my international staff trackpants. peace, love, travel!!

my mason jar water bottle from wal-mart which i love love love :)

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