Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my USA bucket list.

in 18 days i will be leaving for sunny summery USA...
i am beyond excited for my first ever trip to america and can't stop dreaming about all the possibilities this trip could hold...
so i made a list (as you do)...
and compiled 20 things I'd loveeeee to experience/see in the US!

1. meet hudson.

2. make new lifelong friends

3. visit LA

4. visit NY

5. visit chicago

6. visit new orleans

7. play on a blob

8. go to disneyland

9. go to graceland

10. watch a college football game

11. meet gemma burgess.

12. sing around a camp fire and make smores

13. drive on the wrong side of the road

14. try waterskiing

15. eat an american hot dog

16. get fake married in vegas

17. see the hollywood walk of fame

18. watch a hockey game

19. use a fake american accent and try to convince atleast one person that i'm a US local (haha)

20. meet teamgunz (aka a central jersey all star cheer team)

any other suggestions???


Miss Caitlin S. said...

AHHHH, I'm so excited for you! Seriously!!! I will be watching your Instagram with bated breath to see what you're able to cross-off and what new ones you think to do too! I've never been to graceland and I have always wanted to go, so that will be so, so cool. And YES on a college football game though you'll probably have to catch a spring game?

And you mean drive on the RIGHT side of the road, right? :)

And I love number 19!!! hahah.

Also, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is really, really as incredible as it always seems if you are in that area. It's crazy!

I want to think of more but it will take me a few! I'll get back to you! I want to look at your map too of where you're going. So excited for you!

Ashley Rizzardo said...

I hope that you enjoy your time here! College football games are a must. Pitt is the best (but I am incredibly biased! Haha!) I loved the Grand Canyon when I went and Vegas was very fun. I actually haven't gone to a lot of the places on your list. I've been to Disney World in Florida, not Disneyland though.

Can't wait to see what all you're able to do!


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