Monday, March 4, 2013

summer bucket list... done and done nots!

summer is gone...
and we are already four days into autumn...
i'm excitedly counting down to missing out on winter all together and experiencing my first american summer in june!!!

but before we get too excited about the future, lets take a moment to appreciate the summer just gone...
you may remember i set out to tackle a summer bucket list 2013...
so what did i actually achieve?

1. move off campus - donezo! I miss it and the university lifestyle, but it's nice to be home with the parentals and puppy.

2. open a bottle of bubbly on my own - ok so i opened passion pop (im a cheapskate), and i didn't pop it, i very carefully removed it, but you know it counts!

3. go paddle boarding - fun fun fun fun fun!

4. go kayaking.

5. grow something in the garden - mum and i planted two potted plants at my nans place while we were staying with her and decorated them with purple stones, they looked awesome but i didn't get a photo :(

6. organise casual teaching resources - this is ongoing but i did get a whole heap together before i started work.

7. build a sandcastle - i totally made a video of this to show you how simba ruined every castle i built, but my phone is dying and will no longer let me hook it up to the computer, so no video for you :(

well that's it 7 out of 15 completed!
plus i half completed a harry potter marathon, but i don't have the last two movies so i still need to get my hands on those.

and that was my summer folks! 


Miss Caitlin S. said...

ah! sorry summer is over for you! we are just heading into Spring :) you did such a good job with your goals! I am still jealous you went paddle boarding and it's so fun to hear about life after college for you. America is coming so soon for you girly!

Halima - Fashionicide said...

In the UK, spring is just on the horizon, but knowing British weather, we robably won't have much of a summer, our weather is SO unpredictable!

Lucky you going to the states, take me with yoooooou! xo

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