Monday, December 31, 2012

best of 2012

the best of the best of the year that was 2012...

samoa with mum! one week of sun, swimming and cocktails!

restaurant moment.
rushing from the movies to find a place that was open and still serving nachos at 830...
we actually ran from the movies to our cars in order to get there before they stopped serving food...
worth it?
always for nachos!

the dating detox by gemma burgess

night out.
how do i pick just one night!?!
do you realise how much i went out this year!!!!
this year im saying every single night was the best because they were my last year of uni parties!

blog find of the year.
finally another young female aussie blogger

album of the year.
red by taylor swift.

"I guess you didnt care, and I guess i liked that, and when i fell hard you took a step back, without me... I knew you were trouble when you walked in!"

new food.
smoked ribs.
i had never ever tried ribs before, assuming i would hate them as i do most red meat, but after tasting them at a new American BBQ style restaurant in Canberra i love them! 
although i havent tried them anywhere else yet so i might have to do that and see if they are all as good as smoque cooks them!

word or phrase.
as in crazy...
variation: "cray cray"
often used in phrase: "that shit cray"

car ride.
just this week i went on a day trip with three of my friends at home...
it was just nice to spend time with them after all hustle and bustle of christmas 

new person.
all the wonderful new res freshers...
with special mention of cloughy and tuddy :)


Kate Sparkles said...

Red was my favourite album if the year as well!
And I'm a bit guilty of saying 'cray' now too!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

So cute! I swear Karrine, you have the most well-rounded life. I am so envious of your fun school life alongside all of the fun activities you are involved in. Very impressive.

I knew you would be excited to read Kate's blog! Yay for fun Aussie bloggers.

Love this: "Do you realize how much I went out this year!!!"

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