Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I don't always look this good.

post inspired by candyfloss and persie "unflattering picture sunday"!

 wasting time taking selfies in the pool in samoa.

man i'm attractive!

selfies out the car window whilst driving... its a new trend im starting! #carwindowselfie hahaha

today i'm sharing a few unflattering photos of  myself because well i can...
and i always appreciate people who have the ability to laugh at themselves...
plus with the amount of photos i take i have plenty of unattractive images to share...
hopefully they put a smile on your dile on what is a very dreary, rainy wednesday here.



little miss happy? :/

wow... just wow!

and yes, these were all taken this year...
i'm just THAT photogenic!

1 comment:

Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah I LOVE IT! so great. Bad pictures can be so funny sometimes. Unless of course someone else posts it and then your ex-bf sees it and you want to die. haha. I think the first picture of you is super cute.

Also- I need to reload the photos on my Unflattering Picture posts! They aren't loading which is why I've been slowly moving photos to a new server. Annoying! I don't want to hide my ugliness!

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