Tuesday, October 2, 2012


ohhh the wonderful feeling of finishing a four year university degree...
even better then that feeling?
stepping onto a plane headed to Samoa for 5 days of celebration and relaxation with mum!

photos probably explain this trip better then my words can...
but if i was trying to explain the trip this is how i'd do it:
pool, cocktails, sunshine, pool, reading, waterfalls, coconuts, massage, pool, cocktails, pool!

now for some photos...
 afternoon drinks in our room - note how brown we look (we may have got burnt once or twice oops)

 enjoyng a 'nui bomb' cocktail - sooooooo deeelicious!!!

just chilling - totes got burnt this day :/

 playin in the pool

 traditional 'fia-fia' show and buffet.


waterfall <3 i="i">

more stories from samoa...
including a 24 hour flight delay due to a failing engine...
coming soon!

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