Friday, August 24, 2012

if you really knew me...

yes this post has almost been done to death in the blogosphere but ive enjoyed reading everyone else's contributions and thought it was time to join in!

If you really knew me...

- you would know that i do not and never will (ever!) eat raw tomatoes!

- you would know that i do not like it when people grab my hand/wrist/shoulder/arm/any body part when i am out at a club/pub/anywhere!

- you would know that i love my life here at university and as excited as i am for the future i am so sad to soon be closing this chapter of my life.

best years of my life. res ball 2011.

- you would know that i can not get enough of 90s pop music. 

- you would know that i am a big kid! (i think most of you here have probably already got that impression anyways!).

- you would know that i love working with kids and just generally being around them. i find kids so much fun and love working as a nanny/babysitter. babies are just the cutest! i definately want to be a parent some day.

- you would know how much my family mean to me and how close i am to them.

 from left: me, little sister, mum <3 :=":" dad="dad" font="font" just="just" missing="missing">

- you would know that i cry easily! especially if you get a few drinks in me!!!

- you would know that i have been playing this song on repeat all weeeeek...

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Miss Caitlin S. said...

aw, that picture of you is SO cute!! And your Sister is a DOLL! So darling, I love it!!!

You are a crier? Especially when drinking, aw! Funny. My GF is like that too. I have never really been that way... I just get dumb instead...

that is so funny about the song, we were listening to that last week in CA and everyone was like- omg this is awful! and then it grew on us in a really funny way. haha.

I know you are sad to leave College- it's definitely a sad chapter to close!!!

I love that you love kids!

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