Wednesday, July 25, 2012

christmas in july gift swap.

who doesn't love to celebrate christmas twice in the one year!?!
this year i joined up to the chistmas in july gift swap to celebrate...
i just love getting parcels, so how could i resist?
i was paired up with sarah...
and this is what she sent me...

1. postcard featuring her home.
2. wackibandz
3. a pink shell bracelet
4. love sign
5. life saver lollies

 i found a home for my love sign straight away!
all so cute.
thanks so much sarah...
and i hope you enjoyed your present too!!!

lifesaver lolly!!!
(yes i am struggling a lot with sugar free at the moment!)

as you can see i really enjoyed mine ;)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah, aw- sugar free struggles!!! Well... it was Christmas so you go ahead and celebrate!!!!

What a fun gift swap- though Christmas in July usually sounds awful to me as it's so hot in July- works perfectly for you as you get to have a winter xmas! ha :)

lissa said...

I like that love sign, it's very cute.

have a great day.

Alyx said...

What a fun package! So glad you participated, and thank you for linking up!!

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