Monday, May 21, 2012

momentary reality...

i bought a domain...
i did it...
after 4 years of thinking about it, i finally just went ahead and bought the damn thing!

i was worried the switch would lose me readers...
and it has...
but, guess what?
i dont mind one bit...
i love looking into the address bar, seeing the dot com and feeling like i own a 'real' website now!

and with the introduction of i thought i would share the meaning behind the blog name with you all...


the name of my blog is actually taken from the lyrics of the song 'it can wait' by aussie hip hop artist illy...
i first heard the song in the maldives when one of my fellow travellers played it to me and the lyrics spoke to me instantly...
the chorus sings:
Happiness, happiness is fine but its momentary,
A momentary lapse of reality.
Reality is fine, for the moment it can wait
I’m addicted to the chase of my

here is the song if you havent heard it:
yes i know every single word! and rap like a star whenever i hear it :)

and here are some of my favourite lines from it:

"its like the moment compared to staring at pictures of it"

"its perfect in that moment, we own it, its ours,
no happy ever afters, just happy for right nows"

"its nights i wont remember, with mates I’ll never forget"

"aint no amount of words, close to define that feeling,
reality and dreaming, tow that fine line between em"

"we don’t dream to scale"

i decided to use the title momentary lapse of reality because i felt that it related to my blog in that i am always seeking out new adventures and things that make me happy and then sharing them here with all of you!

how did you come up with your blog name?
if you have already written a post about it, please link, i'd love to read it!




Miss Caitlin S. said...

very cool, i had no clue what your blog title came from and I'm happy that I now know!! I think it definitely relates to your content and state of mind.

Congrats on the domain and the new design and header... looks so legit!!!

Megan said...

congratssss girl! :)

i came up with my blog name about 5 years ago when i started blogging. i had a fashion blog. then i realized that while fashion was a passion of mine, traveling was more my passion and i stopped blogging because i couldnt find my voice in it all. when i started back up i kept the name. now im in the process of switching to a new one soon... and its soooo not creative! i just dont fit the 'stilettos' part anymore. im old and my knees cant handle them. and living in europe = cobblestones galore ;)

Rhia said...

Congrats! Now it truly is your own little space. I love that :-)

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

Congrats! So exciting. My story is here:

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