Friday, May 11, 2012

maldivian memories.

last year i took off to the maldives for a month...
i stayed on the tiny island of thinadhoo...
and volunteered my time to help out at the primary school.

i have finally got around to turning all that into a video to share with everyone...

it was such a great opportunity...
and i really do urge anyone who has the chance to visit the maldives or volunteer overseas to give it a go!



Miss Caitlin S. said...

SO many questions!

What is Jugo??

What is going on when you're in the courtyard and it looks like everyone is outside and some of the students are singing??

What is that game the girls are playing??

That honestly looks so amazing. You are so fortunate to have the chance to go on a trip like that where you get to mix sight-seeing with volunteering- not to mention visiting an entire new culture. I had never heard of either place before your blog. Very cool! Thank you for sharing that. I want a long dress like you all were wearing!

rinniez said...

Jugo is like a milkshake with a blob of icecream in it, but its not like anything ive ever had here in Australia. I dont know what made it taste so good, i think jugo is the brand name.
The scene in the courtyard is the start of the school day, every day they stand outside their classrooms and sing the school song. I can't remember what the song was about now, but i know it had a really nice meaning/message, wish i could remember.
The girls were just singing a song, in girl guides. They were so shy to be filmed!


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