Friday, April 13, 2012

guide to life: dressups.

oh dressups...
i cannot get enough of you...
and i will make the most of you whilst i am still young and carefree.
now i realise not everyone attends as many dressup parties as i do...
but they do tend to pop up everynow and then...
so i thought id share a few simple tips.
#1. It doesnt have to cost a fortune.
our mexican costumes only cost us about $8 each (the sombreros were free at the event). we bought blankets that were on sale at a cheap shop and then cut a hole in them, hello poncho. then we grabbed some cheap stick on beards to add a little sumthin sumthin to the look.

#2. Ebay is your friend.
 for my 21st birthday party my whole family got our costumes from ebay.
my dads was my favourite, and it only cost us $70 with postage! it included everything you can see on him, plus under that top are blow up shoulders that help to hide his head (the tie is actually mesh and see through from inside, so he wasnt completely blind, tho he did run into a couple of tables).
ebay is great for us to use here in australia because it provides so much more choice, and the americans tend to have better quality costumes.

#3. The opshop is a goldmine.
This photo was taken at last years opshop ball (i attended this years op shop ball last night - fun fun, may be a post coming on that soon.). the idea of the ball is that all clothes must be bought at the opshop... you'd be surprised what you can find there, always worth a look!
#4. Simple can still look effective.

this photo was taken before beach party. obviously the theme is fairly simple in itself, but by simply adding one tiny costume accessorie (the flower headband) you look like youve gone to some actual effort, which always make you look good to party hosts.
#5. Face paint can change you.
this was one of the most effective and complimented costumes ive worn and it was so easy! any old black clothes and some face paint.... done!

please share some links to fancy dress youve been to...
i love costumes!




CutestPrincess said...

nice post, thanks for sharing this! :)

It’s a GIRL Thing

Miss Caitlin S. said...

omg your Dad!!! that is SO awesome, I'm obsessed with that! hahah, please tell him that he has a fan here in the US. Love, love, love, love!
In other news, you definitely have great tips and seeing how crazy fun your social life is, you have the stories to back it up! I say wear costumes as long as you can because you're right, it is SO fun.

jodi said...

dress-ups are so much fun. You are your friends look absolutely fabulous! x

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