Friday, February 3, 2012

guide to life: university series.

first up in the 'guide to life: university series' is...

in my mind there is only one way to do uni right...
you MUST live on campus at some point or you are just not going to get the full experience of what uni is all about! 

i love living on campus so much that this week marks the beginning of my FOURTH year living here...
i share a 'floor' with 6 other people, we each have our own bedroom and share a living area, kitchen and bathroom (that is divided into three rooms: a toilet, sink room and shower)...
below i decided to compile a list of the pros and cons of living on 'res', as we call it...
im sure you'll find the pros far outweight the cons (and that some aspects can be a pro and a con)!

-easy: you don't have to look for a house, you just apply to campus and cross your fingers they have a space for you (luckily we get straight back on, after our first year, thus why im too lazy to move off haha).

- the parties: need i say more?!? i have a couple of friends that go to uni but don't live on campus and they are never at any of the uni events, half the time they don't even know about them! campus kids make up the majority at every uni event and we all sure know how to party. add to that each different residence here has its own parties and pre drinks events - no one is ever short of somewhere to part-ay!

partying up oweek 2012 (my living area).

- housemates: this year me and 4 of my housemates decided to apply to live together. I lived with 3 of them last year and have known them since my first year here. I love these people and I love that i get to live with my friends! we got a new girl this year too and thankgod, she fits right in :)
me (left) and my 2012 roomies (minus the new girl).

-proximity: "wake up and look at clock. shit, only got 30mins to get to class. eh, thats ok ill get up in 15 mins." yes this does actually run through my mind quite regularly, but with only a two minute walk to the uni, it's all good!

-campus only events: the company that owns my residence just made us free breakfast! nom nom nom.

- housemates: you don't always get to pick who you live with and while sometimes this works out well and you find a new bff, i have had it backfire. in my second year of uni i was lumped in a house with a group of 4 loud, messy, annoying boys. we got on alright, but i never would have said we were friends and there were plenty of times i wished id got some different roomies.

-mess: its kind of inevitable with all the parties and everyone being busy. its pretty much only the dishwashing that actually bothers me tho... how hard is it to wash a dish after you used it (not five days later)?!?!

did/do/have you lived on campus???

friends before beach party!



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Miss Caitlin S. said...

I would definitely say it's important to live on campus to have the full experience! like you, i had friends who were off campus and they were rarely at all the super fun events. It's an experience you NEVER get to relive (or you can but it doesn't go so well to party like this when you're 40, haha), so I say take advantage of it. I'm glad you've had such a great experience with your housemates.

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