Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ombre hair... Yay or Nay??

I really like to mix things up when it comes to my hair. I'm not afraid to chop it all off or dye it fire engine red, as I've talked about before HERE. That said, I haven't touched my hair for over a year now and I'm more then ready for something new!

I'm thinking Ombre, but I'm wondering is it on the way out? or over done?
My biggest inspiration for this look is Alisa from The Block's new Ombre do.

Excuse the misspelt name :/ oops.

What do you think?
And, More examples...

Had to include two shots of Rachel Bilson, love her!

So, what's the verdict? 
Love it or hate it?

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Guide to Life: Budget Friendly School Holiday Fun.

The first day of school holidays are upon us and already my Facebook feed is full of parents searching for the best ways to avoid hearing the two most dreaded words of the holidays "I'm bored!". Since the school holidays mean that I am getting 2 weeks away from kids I thought it was only fair that I share my child entertaining tips with the struggling parents out there. Having now worked as a full-time live-in nanny, a part-time nanny, a  babysitter, a kids party entertainer (face painter, activity runner & balloon modeler), an after school care worker and a casual teacher I've spent plenty of time avoiding the dreaded whinges of a 'bored' child.


- Leading up to the holidays collect all the things! Cereal boxes, toilet rolls, milk cartons etc. Buy a roll of sticky tape and let the kids loose. Encourage the creation of a box city, toilet roll pets, tissue box shoes, the ideas are endless!

- Buy a pack of stick on googly eyes from a cheap shop. Stick them to paper and have kids create around them. A simple and cheap way to reinvent drawing.

- Got old magazines lying around? Let the kids loose with scissors and glue. They can create "Enter" signs for bedroom doors, or vision boards full of the things they love, or simply cut out a square to glue down and have the kids continue the image by drawing the rest of the picture.


- Fill a bucket with water and any bath toys you have. Becomes even more fun if you add some food colouring to the water and include some scoops or cups for pouring.

- Fill a tray with sand or rice and place mini toy animals or toy cars in it. Children love to play with different textures.


- One family I  used to babysit had two kids aged 5 (boy) and 9 (girl). Our favourite thing to do was a play a song and film ourselves dancing around the loungeroom to it. We would run in and out of shot and lipsync and pretend we were shooting a film clip. Then we would watch it back and giggle at how silly we looked.


- Go to the park, ride bikes, rollerblade, walk the dog, jump in puddles, jump in piles of leaves, jump on the trampoline, build an obstacle course. Get out in nature and away from screens and electronic games atleast once a day.


- With young kids it can be as simple as letting them "help" you with the cleaning. The kids I nannyed loved to sweep or mop the floor and could spends hours standing on a step at the sink "washing" their plastic dishes. Anything that makes them feel grown up can be made into a game (and gives you some time to get things done).

- Build a cubby in the lounge room. Place a sheet over some chairs and let the kids play house. Bonus points if you let them  have a picnic in the cubby!

Got any other great cheap ideas? Share in the comments!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday Month Catch Up.

April is well and truly upon us which means its BIRTHDAY MONTH!

This year April for me has also meant a weekend away as team manager for a netball comp which ended up rained out, a visit from my sister which involved a lovely breakfast out and a half day shopping expedition and I started playing in a social  netball comp.

April is also school holiday time and starting today I have the next two weeks off. I’m heading back to the coast to spend  time  with my family and I've really been looking forward to it!

I’ve got something else exciting happening this week too as I head up to Sydney to audition for a game show (more details to come). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Then, before you know it the 28th will be upon us and I’ll be 24! You can email at karrine3@hotmail to get the postal address you should send all presents too ;)

What  does your April have in store for you? Any school holiday or Easter plans?  Share in comments!!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Horse in My Bed.

I have a confession to make. I am a 23 year old who still sleeps with a stuffed toy every night. Meet Comanche…

Comanche the Saddle Club horse was Christmas gift in around 2011 when I was 11, I loved it at the time and took him everywhere with me for about 2 weeks before he was relegated to sit in the corner with the rest of my stuffed toy collection. 

Then in 2006 I was in THIS accident. I’m not sure how or why but Comanche became my new best friend. I don’t remember why I suddenly decided that I wanted something to snuggle into on those long days and nights spent camped out on a mattress as I slept off my head injury, but apparently Comanche was the perfect fit. As they say, the rest is history. I do not sleep properly unless I have this horse in my bed, I use it as a sort of extra pillow that molds perfectly to my face and keeps me comfy.  I even took Comanche all the way to the Maldives to help me sleep well!

Do you have any strange sleeping habits that just can’t get a proper night’s sleep without? 
Share them in the comments!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Share House HELP!

I need YOUR help and advice!

See while I was at uni I lived on campus in share accommodation. It was old and dirty and with all the partying that took place, keeping it clean was nobody’s top priority. Everyone was on the same page about it so it was fine.

Now, for the first time in my life I find myself living in a share house. The house is nice, it’s fairly new with lots of white features and white tiles. I share with 3 other girls all in their 20’s and 2 cats.
The issue here is one of cleaning and how to manage equal division of household chores. At the moment it seems to me that only 2 of us do anything. I’ve lived here for just over 2 months now and we are the only 2 to empty the bin, put the bins out, clean the bathroom or toilet, and there are always dishes in the sink (a total pet peeve).

So, I’m looking to others who have lived in share houses to hear how you broached the subject of cleaning? Did you have rosters? How did you deal with an unhelpful housemate? Any advice at all, please!?

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