Saturday, October 3, 2015

Smile Making.

Warning: This is one of those soppy, life loving, live every moment type of posts! Prepare for the over-use of the word excited and bountiful clichés about the wonder that is life ;)
Do you ever just have a moment where everything seems to be failing into place, you're excited about the future and you just can't seem to wipe that big dorky grin off your face!?
That is so me right now!
Does this face not scream excited!?! Oh yeah, my hair is purple now - if you followed me on facebook or instagram, you'd know this already ;) links on sidebar.
I'm just feeling so grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities that are presenting themselves to me lately. My calendar for the rest of 2015 is filling up FAST and it's full of exciting, motivating and smile making events and good times!
I'm putting myself outside my comfort zone, trying new things, investing time in hobbies and chasing dreams. I'm letting some opportunities come to me and chasing others down with determination.
So what's got me giddy with excitement?
- I Love Photography Canberra course.
I originally signed up for this photography course a few months back but due to lack of numbers it was unable to take place. The amazing Emily that runs the course put on a special short course for us instead and I have learnt so much from her already. That said, I cannot wait for a WHOLE weekend of photos, photos, photos later in October... bring it on!
- Little Blog Big.
If you haven't read Lady Smaggle's blog, you are truly missing out on some Aussie blogger awesomeness! I love to catch up on all the Smaggle news and was so excited when Carly (Smaggle) teamed up with Christina to form Little Blog Big and started offering Blogger Workshops! Going to a blogger workshop has been on my Day Zero list since I became a blogger (so basically forever) and I cannot wait for this whole day of bloggy goodness!
 Yes, that is faux mud. Just go with it!
- Miss Muddy Canberra.
I have wanted to complete an obstacle course event for a while now but just have not been game enough to actually go through with it. That is until, now!
The awesome people at Miss Muddy contacted me to see if I'd like to give their Canberra course a crack and I just could not say no.
I am really pumped for this one and love that I have a new reason to really get back into hitting the gym!
- Taylor Swift.
Yep, I'm seeing this wonderful lady AGAIN!
As if this couldn't get even better, my family are making a whole weekend of it and catching up with relatives which makes me super happy.
I also love the fact that I get to experience Taylor with the only person who would come along with me last time... my sister!
- Christmas.
What can I say!?
What's making the smile on your face at the moment?
I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to learn from the folks at Nikon school while shooting photos at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney.
Even more amazing was the fact that I won my spot in the master class! (Remember my tips to win giveaways - here). I saw a post on the Nikon Australia facebook page just over a week ago that said to email them and let them know in 25 words or less where you get your fashion inspiration... so I did and on Wednesday I received a congratulations email inviting me along to the Saturday night master class. Unfortunately with the short notice it didn't leave a lot of planning time and I already had other commitments (still dog sitting) so I decided to make it a super speedy trip up and back to Sydney from Canberra in the one night. It was a little exhausting but I'm so glad I didn't just put it in the too hard basket because I had a load of fun.
The master class started straight on 7pm as we were handed media lanyards and ushered straight to the runway room. We were quickly introduced to international photographer Christian Blanchard and Nikon school photographer Ben Halcomb who started explaining how runway photography worked and what we needed to be aware of to get the best shots possible. Both these guys were really nice, approachable and super helpful. You could tell that they genuinely wanted every single photographer there to walk away with the best photos possible. Ben had a whole heap of lenses on hand for people to try out and I ended up getting to shoot with a 70-200mm.
Before we knew it, it was show time. Ben and Christian were there to help the whole time. After firing off a couple of quick test shots, Ben instantly noticed that my exposure was off and helped it fix it up. Then it was really just up to me to keep shooting and see what I ended up with.
Overall, It was a great experience to learn about a form of photography that was totally foreign to me and I loved learning from Nikon experts who were able to teach me new tips and tricks for working with my camera!
My favourite outfit of the show!
Disclaimer: I won my place in the Nikon Master class. I was not asked to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Small Town Big Shot.

I don't think I have ever been so excited about an album release as I am this week!
Back in October 2013, Mum heard a song on the radio advertising an out of town band coming to play at a small regional festival and decided our family had to go and check them out.
By the end of the day, Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers had a new fan!
I listened to Fanny's EP everywhere I went in my car and started following her on all the social media outlets that I could. In early 2014 (I think it was) Fanny put a call out for people to donate money through a pozible campaign to crowd fund their debut album. I knew I wanted to help instantly, but I wasn't working much at the time and didn't have many dollars to my name. So I thought about it for a couple of days and then decided I still had to donate and pledged what I could (it wasn't as much as I would have liked, but I knew every little bit would help).
Fast forward to January of this year (2015) and I dragged my parents all the way to the Tamworth Country Music Festival purely to see Fanny perform live again... and she was awesome of course! We got to hear some of the new tracks from the upcoming album and I got more and more excited for it's eventual release...
which was THIS WEEK!
Despite knowing I would be sent a CD copy of the album I also pre-ordered it on iTunes so that I could have access the second it was released. Today I made my way from Canberra down to the coast and listened to the album on repeat for the whole 3 hours... only to get home and find my CD (and pozible pack) waiting on my doorstep! Excitement PLUS!
The album itself is everything I have been waiting for.... My perfect spring/summer soundtrack!
The highlight tracks for me:
- Bravest of Hearts.
It makes me smile. Simple.
- Weatherman.
Fun. Fun. Fun. It's so catchy and upbeat. Reminds me of the kind of song I'd get super excited about if it suddenly came onto a radio station I was listening to.
- Sea Elephant School.
This track is the whole reason we even know who Fanny is. This is the song my mum heard on the radio way back in the day that prompted us to go see Fanny for the first time. Thank god for this song and ABC radio!
- Bastards.
Brilliant. Clever. Well written. Honest. Cheeky.
And it just forces you to sing along!
-I Choose You.
Genuinely one of my favourite songs of all time by any artist ever. I heard this song the first time I ever saw Fanny perform and I think it's one of the reasons I became such a fan. For someone who doesn't write love songs, this girl CAN write a love song!
You can check out Small Town Big Shot on iTunes or Spotify today!

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Doggy Guilt!

I've just got home from the dog park for the 6th time in as many days.
I just can not stop going there. It's not because I particularly enjoy it (though I don't actually mind it) or because I feel like standing out in the cold (it's been around 2-3 degrees a couple of times), It's because I'm suffering from a case of DOGGY GUILT!
Those dang Puppy Eyes.

What is Doggy Guilt you may ask!?!
Well, its a new term that I penned this week to describe the feeling of guilt associated with dog ownership. It is usually bought on by that well known Puppy Eye look and induces feelings of wishing you didn't have to leave your beloved pet in the backyard all day by himself.
The craziest part? I'm not even a dog owner!
My parents have jetted off overseas for a month leaving me with our much loved family dog, Simba. I was so excited at the prospect of having Sim here in Canberra with me, but now I just have Doggy Guilt all day, every day. I feel bad leaving him alone all day while I'm at work, even though that's what normally happens when he is at home anyway. I feel like I need to take him places ALL the time so he doesn't get bored and/or try to escape. At home he goes for a walk/run with Dad most afternoons and has a whole beach to run free on.
A morning walk.
So, I'm handling my Doggy Guilt the only way I know how... by giving Simba as much as I can.
Getting up 30 minutes earlier so he can have a walk!? SURE!
Going to the dog park everyday after work!? WHY NOT!
Sneaking a few extra treats into his week!? YOU BET!
Someone snuck IN my bed while I was in the shower.
Are you dog owner? Do you suffer from Doggy Guilt? How do you manage this very serious condition!?!?!

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Guide To Life: Blood Donation

Today I donated blood for the first time ever and it was so much easier (and way less painful) than I ever imagined.
If you have ever considered donating blood I highly recommend that you book yourself an appointment pronto! I know for me personally, donating blood has been on my 'bucket list' for as long as I can remember but my dislike for needles put me off for way longer than I now know it should have.
So what's it like to donate blood for the first time?
Step 1 - Make an appointment.
You can do this quickly and easily online. The Red Cross have mobile blood donation units, as well as blood donation centres. I choose to book into a centre as they were open on the weekends when I was available to donate.
Step 2 - Show up and fill out your details.
On arrival you will be given a questionnaire to fill out with your health and medical details. Obviously everyone wants the best quality blood possible for future recipients and the safety of the donor also needs to be considered, thus it's important to be honest when filling out your forms.
Step 3 - Interview.
I was taken to a small room where a really lovely lady checked over my details and double checked any areas of concern. Then I was weighed, had my blood pressure taken and was given a pin prick test to check my Haemoglobin levels.
Step 4 - Donate.
I was then taken to a large room with a few people already in it donating blood. I was sat in a big comfy chair and a technician explained how they would be taking the blood. The needle was bigger than the ones used for blood tests but I choose not to look at it until it was in my arm and it honestly did not hurt as much as I was expecting (and much less than a normal blood test). Also, unlike a blood test I couldn't feel the blood being drained at all. The whole donation process took about 10 minutes.

Step 5 - Rest and Revive.
I was then lead out to the café section of the centre where another lovely lady made me up a caramel milkshake and I was provided with a selection of delicious treats. I choose a choc chip cookie and lollipop (felt like a kid leaving the doctors office). I sat in the café for 10 minutes consuming my goodies and making sure I felt totally fine before I was off on my way.
Step 6 - Feel Awesome!
Enjoy the rest of your day, knowing that you have made an awesome contribution to society and saved 3 lives from just one donation!
So, what are you waiting for!?
Donate today!!

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