Sunday, April 26, 2015

Share House Cleaning Secret Weapon.

This time last year I was living with 'strangers' and struggling with everything that that entailed. Things weren't getting cleaned, people were wasting electricity and personalities were clashing.
Fast forward one year and I'm in a new apartment with two friends and my living situation has improved greatly!
Not only has my situation improved but I'm also getting better at this whole 'adult' thing.
These days I don't find myself without any clean underwear and realise I haven't washed for 3 weeks, I don't eat takeout for every single meal, I have a plant that I remember to water and keep alive (well, mostly) and I've found quick and effective ways to keep my house clean.
That last one is a big one! I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate wasting time cleaning and yet I love, love, love, love, love living in a clean and tidy space.

My Share House Cleaning Secret Weapon...
Surface Wipes!
Seriously, what is quicker or easier than grabbing a wipe from the container, wiping down the surface and then simply throwing the wipe away.
I use wipes in EVERY room of my house.
I use them in the KITCHEN to...
- Clean our stove top.
- Wipe down the kitchen bench.
- Wipe down the kitchen sink.
- Clean up spills on the kitchen floor.
I use them in the BEDROOM to...
- Remove dust from surfaces such as my desk and bedside table.
I use them in the BATHROOM to...
- Clean the vanity.
- Clean toilet surfaces.
- Remove dust and scum build up on the bath.
 - Clean up make-up spills.
- Remove toothpaste grime.
I have pretty much got my cleaning regime down to only needing three household cleaning products these days (wipes and bathroom cleaners).
I have a container of wipes sitting next to the stove in our house and I keep a container for the bathroom. Having a cleaning product that can sit out on your bench totally encourages clean living and makes tidying up on a day to day basis so much easier!
Do you use wipes in your house!?
Or do you have another Cleaning Secret Weapon?
Note: I was provided with product in order to write this post. I have used Dettol wipes previous to receiving this product and all views within this post are my own.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

12wbt: Week Six (Reflection)

Ugh, have you seen the weather out there this week?
Rain, rain, rain, more rain and even some hail stones!
Not ideal for my last week of school holidays spent at home on the coast.
I had plans to take my new bike for rides and head out on outdoor runs but, no, not to be.
 Making the most of a break in the rain, out for a walk with a friend and her kids.
This week (just like last) has been another reminder of how important consistency and routine is in maintaining healthy habits. And more than that, how important planning is! Last week I planned out all my breakfasts and lunches and snacks but this week I only planned a couple here and there and ultimately 'fell off the wagon' whenever I hadn't thought ahead.
That said, I really enjoyed my 12wbt meal plan selections this week including; Ricotta & Pesto scrambled eggs and Chicken & Leek Pies.
12wbt Chicken & Leek pies for lunch on cold days!
Honestly, there isn't much more to say about this week. I'm looking forward to Week 7 as I head back to work which means routine and the gym!
But i'll sure miss this guy (and my family, ofcourse)...
Cold morning snuggles.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fitspiration Series: My Dad

Welcome, to my first ever 'Fitspiration Series' post.
I'm planning to highlight some of the awesome people that provide me with inspiration to be fit. Hopefully you'll find them inspiring too!

My Dad

My Dad is probably the biggest inspiration behind me deciding to do the "Learn to Run" program within 12wbt. Over the years I have watched my Dad be the best active living role model ever. 
For as long as I can remember I have sat watching him lace up his runners to head out for a jog with the dog. When I was younger Dad started swimming and it was totally inspiring to watch someone who once nearly drowned when they were young, teach themselves to swim and smash out lap after lap. Dad then took up Tri-athlons and I was able to go along to watch him compete and cheer him on. He has ridden a push bike to work for years and now, my Dad has just completed his first ever Half Marathon!

Impressed yet!?
I love that Dad sets a goal and then just works for it day after day.
He's also been helping me out with my current goal to run a 5k by taking runs with me when I head home.

I feel super lucky to have such an inspiring role model and amazing dad in my life!
Thanks Dad!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Open Letter to Men.

Dear Men,
Last night I went out to celebrate a Hen's night. I wanted to have fun with my friends, consume a couple of beverages and dance the night away. So after dinner at a lovely wine bar we headed to the local Irish pub to bop our heads along to the band and dance with the 'bride to be'.
Not long after arriving a group of three men started approaching us. Their ploys to get our attention included pushing into our backs and shouting into our ears. As I was standing closest to this group I repeatedly had one man scream in my ears and I would simply ignore him, turn away and return my attention to my friends. 
Apparently, these men weren't happy to be ignored and instead one choose to grab my ass right there on the edge of the dance floor.
Now Men, listen carefully, THIS IS NOT OKAY!

It is NEVER okay to grab, or grope or touch a women you don't know or have consent from... Hell, it's never okay to do that to ANYONE (male or female)!
Grabbing my ass is not funny, it is not a joke for you and your mates, it will not make me turn around and start chatting to you.
It WILL however, see me promptly turn around and tell you to "f*** off and stop touching me".
And that's just what I did.
Then I turned back around... 
And they did it again!
Hey Men, if I tell you not to touch me and you do it again...that's ASSAULT!
And, yes, I will get the bouncer and have you kicked out of the pub.
For the first time in my life last night I felt unsafe in my own city. It took the bouncers 20 minutes to get those guys out of the pub and I was terrified of running into them again once I left. 
And so here we are and here are the things that I need you, the men of the world, to know...
To the men in the pub,
Keep your filthy hands to yourselves.
Humiliating young women is not entertainment... grow up!
To men in pubs in general,
Think about how you treat women in the workplace. If you grabbed a co-workers ass you could be up for Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Assault, a whole damn range of offences. Just because a woman is enjoying herself in a pub, club, bar or anywhere else in the world does not change the right for her to feel safe and to have full control over what happens to her body!
To the bouncers in the pub,
Thank you! Thank you for not questioning my complaint and taking it seriously. You could so easily have dismissed my problem but I truly appreciate the time you took to remove the men in question and that you came back to make sure I was okay afterwards. This is the type of kind behaviour I have always known from the men involved in my life.
To all men,
Want to woo a woman? A great place to start is a simple "hi" (said to their face not screamed into their ear from behind). If a girl ignores you, she's not playing hard to get... leave her alone. If she is keen, great... keep chatting, have a dance, get to know her, BUT respect her, her body and her choices. 
NO MEANS NO in every context and form it comes!
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

12wbt: Week Five (Reflection)

Time to be honest and share the good (yay!) and bad (not so yay) of Week 5.


 Breakfast after our run.

My routine and schedule were totally interrupted this week as it was my first week of school holidays. If there is one thing I have learnt so far on 12wbt it is that consistency is key and school holidays are not the best place for that. BUT, I made a real effort to be active. I got up early one morning to do a Wii workout, I went for an early morning 5km run with my sister, a before dinner walk with my mum and a ride on my new cruiser bike. I was proud of my dedication to finding time to ensure that I am living an active lifestyle and burning calories even without a gym in sight.

My new bike


Kiwi cocktail at Rocky Horror.

Then there's my diet and wow, does being out of routine effect that! Coffee is a current killer as I love to catch up with friends and family and sit chatting at local coffee shops but each cup contains almost as many calories as I burn on my half-hour runs! And then there were the days spent on the road and away from home to see 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (which I highly recommend!) in Sydney where I ate ridiculous portions and crazy calorie laden (and ofcourse, absolutely delicious) meals. This week has highlighted how much planning normally goes into my weekly meal planning and just how important that is!

Tiramisu and Pancotta dessert.

The biggest chorizo pizza everrrrr!

The week on a whole though has been really enjoyable and a great exercise in thinking about how best to balance my life.

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