Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Recount via Teacher Memes

Two weeks in a row with no blog post and I almost made it a third, as I'm writing this post at the last second for my scheduled Saturday posting slot.
I could write you a novel on all the tasks that have been keeping me away, but basically I can summarise it one word, 'work'. Or with slightly more elaboration, 'the life of a teacher during report writing season'.
So instead of boring you with every last detail of my current work life, I thought I'd instead give you a little insight through the medium of memes, enjoy!

Hopefully I will actually do something interesting with my life at some point in the near future and actually have some more exciting blog content to share soon!
Note: Images found Pinterest. Locating correct sources for memes is a nightmare, and I apologise for not being able to provide sources. If a meme on this page, belongs to you please let me know and I will happily credit it!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Birthday: Photo Post.

Somehow I have now found myself on the other side of 25.
When did this happen?
How did I reach this seemingly mature and grown up, adult age so suddenly?
Wasn't I just 19, at university, going out every night and sleeping in til 12 everyday, last week!?!
I think I say it every year on my birthday, but man, I'm getting old ;)
My family took me out for dinner whilst I was home on school holidays for an early birthday.
We went to Pier One in Merimbula and dined on Oysters Kilpatrick, Garlic Bread and I had the Pork Belly with apple coleslaw, mustard mash potato and apple puree.
My meal was delicious! That piece of pork belly was the best I have ever had. So soft underneath and perfectly crunchy on top. The potato was amazing with the mustard flavour perfectly complimenting the creamy potato. Unfortunately, the coleslaw and it's lack of dressing was the only let down on my plate.

When we got home from dinner, my Mum had catered for her immature adult daughter with my favourite Freddo Ice Cream cake!
My actual birthday occurred on a work/school day and I got soooo spoily by all the staff and students. The photo above shows my desk when I first arrived and it put a huge smile on my face that did not budge for the rest of the day.

For birthday dinner I invited a few of my close friends out to The Hamlet in Braddon, Canberra. The Hamlet is an awesome venue full of food vans and street food. I indulged in a BrodDog hot dog which you can see above. It's toppings included Tomato sauce, cheese, coleslaw, corn relish, bacon and sweet potato shavings... Yum! It was a lovely meal, with awesome company and I once again got totally spoilt by my amazing friends.
Basically, I walked away from my birthday feeling like the luckiest girl alive to have so many thoughtful, caring and just plain wonderful, friends, co-workers, students and family in my life!

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

DIY: Wooden Welcome Sign

Who doesn't love a wooden sign right now!?!
Any event or wedding right now is incorporating some form of this trend.
So, when my family decided to host a house concert, I knew I wanted to add to our d├ęcor with a little rustic, wooden welcome sign. It just so happens that it turned out so well, we never took it down!

- Wood (Whatever you can find lying around will work, the more rustic/worn the better for adding a little character)
- Sand paper
- Pencil
- Paint
- Metal stake
- Someone handy and their tools.
- Get someone handy to cut your wood into your preferred shape.
I had my dad complete this step for me, so no advice on this one.
- Sand back the wood on one side to get a  nice smooth surface to work on.
- Use a pencil to draft the placement and size of your wording.
- Go over the pencil with the outdoor paint and allow to dry.
- Place stake firmly into ground.
- Have your someone handy attach wood to stake.
- Stand back and admire your (and your someone handys) work!

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Forage

Picture this:
A beautiful, warm, sunshine filled Autumn's day. An outdoor carpark filled with local, street food vendors. Live music floating on the light breeze. Hay bails and pallet furniture.
Got the mental image?
You're currently picturing The Forage event held at Little National Hotel in Canberra last weekend.

I almost didn't make it to this event. You see I'd asked a friend to go with me and then she hadn't been able to make it and I wasn't sure who else would be interested. So... I went alone.
I know for a lot of people going places solo does not interest them at all and to be honest I was a little nervous about heading to an event with no friend in tow. But, it turned out great. I was able to take as much time I wanted taking photos, trying products and chatting to vendors.
I loved that every vendor had little tasting opportunities set up. I'm such a sucker for a sample!
However, I wish all the vendors displayed their prices. I just hate getting stuck in that awkward moment when I go to investigate, find the product to be a tad over priced and need to back track away from the stall. That said, the products that did have their prices displayed all looked very reasonable.
So, what made it's way into my basket you ask.
1x Bombolini Butterscotch, Banana & Macadamia Doughnut ($5 per doughnut)
Oh the deliciousness. The perfectly balanced flavours. The crunchy outside. The doughy inside.
1x Marshpillows Salted Caramel Marshmallow ($7 for a bag)
Soft, melt in your mouth marshmallows. All natural. Handmade. Delicious. So many flavours to choose from, but you really can't go past Salted Caramel!
1x Keys to Fine Food Pistachio Dukkah ($10 for 65g)
I am such a big fan of Dukkah. Give me some fresh bread, a little oil and a ginormous scoop of Dukkah and my day will be made. I couldn't resist this one!
1x Burrabee Farm Strawberry & Rose Kombucha ($5 for 250ml bottle)
Fizzy, fermented goodness. This little bottle of probiotics was so tasty and gave me an instant energy and mood boost. I've just started experimenting with my own Kombucha making and after tasting this one I can't wait to try adding some flavouring.
Such a fun, well organised event and I look forward to attending more in the future!

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Self Help Junkie

 I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not (edit: turns out I have), but I just adore self-help. Books, videos, pdfs, magazine articles and I've even been trying to get into podcasts (Am I the only one who can't concentrate on a pod cast and loses track of what is being discussed!?!)
Whatever the medium, I just love a little life advice.
Earlier this week I found myself with an empty night. No TV shows I needed to catch up on, nothing of interest to browse online, no social media to track... nothing to do! I started clicking through my favourites bar, looking to see if there was anything I had bookmarked and forgotten I was intending to get back to, and I actually found something.
A link for Kelly Exeter's book 'Your Best Year Ever'. I'd seen a heap of positive reviews and had been meaning to get around to reading it for ages. What better way to fill an empty night than with a nugget of self help. I downloaded in pdf form and got stuck into the hour long ebook. Now, to be honest the book didn't actually contain any life changing advice for me (maybe because I read too much self help) but it was a lovely reminder to make the most of the time you have and a great kick in the butt/extra motivation for my current goals. If you are looking for something to get you shooting for you dreams, you should definitely consider a read!
Now, this wouldn't be a post on self help if I didn't also share my favourite self-help website and it makes me so happy to be able to say it's owned and written by an awesome Aussie (who I've also had the pleasure of meeting), the wonderful Carly (Smaggle) Jacobs.
Smaggle's tag line reads, ' How To Win At Life' and the blog is filled with inspiring posts teaching how to be more confident, organised and awesome.
If you're stuck in a rut or just love self help like me, you must click through to this one!
Left: Smaggle (Carly Jacobs), Middle: Me, Right: Christina Butcher (Hair Romance)
Ok, now over to any other Self Help Junkies out there...
Where do you get your Self Help fix?
Recommendations appreciated!
Note: This is NOT a sponsored post! I just like to share the things I've been enjoying  :)

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