Saturday, November 28, 2015

Miss Muddy Canberra

Earlier this year I was contacted by the lovely people at Miss Muddy to join them at their Canberra event for a day of fun and fitness. If you've never heard of Miss Muddy, it is an obstacle course set over a 4-5km run and held just for women. I didn't have to be asked twice to get involved in this event. The answer might have been different if I'd been contacted by tough mudder but I loved the idea of an obstacle course that was just for fun and enjoyment (rather than racing to be electrocuted!).
Miss Muddy Canberra 2015
The event (you can't really call it a race, as there is no timing and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace) is run in timed waves and I strongly suggest that you book early to get an early start wave. We started in the 830am wave and didn't have to wait at any of the obstacles, but by the time we were finishing the course was already starting to become more congested.
It started out really basic, running through some holes in a blow up mat, through a giant tampon (there really is no other to describe this obstacle, that's exactly what it looked like!) and then twisting ourselves through the ropes shown below.
The ropes.
After that we ran up blow up mounds, jumped over wooden walls, bounced on a huge jumping pillow and then things started to get really interesting as we hit the ice bath.
My fave photo of the day... Ice bath!
My favourite obstacle of the whole day, was definitely the giant inflatable slip and slides! I want one of these guys for my backyard in summer.
Giant slip and slide.
Next we were stopped to have a cannon shoot paint at us and to have our official photos taken.
Then it was on to some monkey bars and a giant rope climb.
Finally, we hit the mud.
It was truly disgusting. I've been in a mud bath before and happily coated myself head to toe in the stuff, but this was different. It smelt like (and im 99% sure that it actually was) horse poop. It took everything in me not to just vomit then and there in the mud. It was covered in a net so you had to sink low into it and pull yourself through. I pushed myself into the net as much as I could and tried to keep my head away from the smell, but it was so strong. One of us may have started heaving and vomited just a tad after this obstacle (hint: it wasn't me).
Ice bath photoshoot ;)
Overall, it was fun to do something really different and I'd totally recommended it to other women looking for a fun fitness activity. You can really can go as fast or slow as you like and you have the option to opt out of any obstacle.
Note: My friends and I were provided free entry to this event. All opinions are my own.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Little Blog Big Canberra

I first started out in the blogosphere 8 years ago when I started an anonymous Nanny/Child-care based blog. I loved writing and having a project I could work on while the kids were napping or had gone to bed. Staying anonymous was difficult but totally necessary with the style of my blog and before long I found the whole thing a little too hard to maintain.
The next year I started studying at uni and (more importantly) living on campus and I knew I needed a way to document it all. I had really enjoyed the process of blog ownership the year before and so the blog you're reading right now was born (though back then it was known as rinniez-rinniez).
Yep, that's right, I've been blogging about my life for a whole 7 years. Really, you'd think I'd have run out of things to say about myself by now (but apparently not). Over that time I have witnessed the growing blogosphere and the growing community of bloggers. I've read countless posts about Problogger events and Nuffnang Blogopolis and I've always wondered when I would finally get my ass into gear and attend a blogger workshop.
Well, I finally did it! Last Saturday I attended my first ever blog workshop in the form of the wonderful 'Little Blog Big'.
BLOG balloons!
Little Blog Big is the brainchild of Carly (Smaggle) and Christina (Hair Romance). It's a jam packed day of advice, stories, tips, tricks, goodie bags and there's even wine involved at the end.
These women know their shit! Between them they seem to know everything you'd ever need to know to run a successful blog and/or social media account. Plus, they are genuinely lovely people who are so easy to talk to.
WINE time!
The day covered topics such as how to create content, how to manage your social media and how to avoid blogger burnout/be more productive. I feel like I have learnt so much and been given so many little projects from the day and I can't wait to see how that affects this space and improves my blogging. Keep your eyes peeled lovely readers!
Are you a blogger? Have you ever been to a workshop?
Anyone else been to Little Blog Big??

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Guide to Life: Wine Tasting at Home.

 I have developed an addiction to all things EVENTS!
 I recently discovered the magazine Hooray and have been getting my hands on as many of their publications as possible. Basically, they are an events magazine full of the types of styling, planning and catering that dreams are made of.
So, when I was contacted by Social Soup (a totally awesome peer product review site!)
to review some fruit infused wines by hosting a wine night I was soooooo in!
Mid Party Table Shot!
My Top 5 Tips For Hosting a Wine Tasting
1. Give your guests a way to record their ratings!
When the Echo Falls Fruit Fusion wine arrived and I realised that I had a white, rose and red I decided to go for a 'Pick the Flavours' tasting and to encourage participation and make it more exciting I would award a prize to the person who could pick the most correct flavours. This would also be a great way to encourage discussion if you were hosting an event involving people who didn't know each other as everyone was sharing their predictions and discussing the flavours. Guests were asked to record their flavour predictions and their rating on the brown paper table runner. This not only allowed us to work out the flavour comp winner but also gave us a good guide to the groups favourite wine.
Left: Pre-party set up. Top Right: The table setting. Bottom Right: The cheese platter.
2. Provide Cheese!
What is a wine tasting without cheese!?!
I love the new chalkboard cheeseboard I picked up just last week, it went perfectly with the brown and black theme I was working with.
Hot Tip: Buy extra Brie, it WILL be popular!
3. Cover that wine!
Blind tasting is so much more fun! Keep the element of intrigue by covering your bottles during the judging and rating stage of your event. I chose to use the same brown paper that I used as a table runner but simple brown wine bags are a cheap, quick and easy alternative to cover that bottle!
Left: Recording the flavours and rating the wine! Right: The big reveal!
4. Keep it simple!
The thing I liked most about this event is that it took little planning, little set up and can be done so cheap. If you're strapped for cash why not ask each guest to bring a bottle, throw a simple cover on it and then judge the wine to see who bought the top rated bottle.
5. Have fun!
Drink the wine, eat the cheese, record your ratings and enjoy the company of your guests. This is the perfect, simple. stress-free event to be a relaxed host at.
Happy guests!
Note: This is NOT  a sponsored post. I was provided product from Social Soup through their social review system and requested to upload photos to Instagram. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Love Photography Canberra Weekend Course

Graffiti wall in Civic, Canberra.
When I was younger I was always spending my pocket money on disposal cameras (I loved a good black and white film!). In high school I took photography as an elective subject and used to love borrowing my Dad's old SLR camera. At University I always carried a camera with me and have endless albums on my computer of crazy days and even crazier nights!
A couple of Christmas's ago I asked my parents for a DSLR. I really liked the step up in my photos compared to my little point and shoot, however I was having trouble achieving the awesome moody, blurred background, crisp, clear shots that I was seeing all over the internet. I read online tutorials and thought I had a basic idea of what was what but I needed someone to step in and teach me how to achieve the look I was going for.
Photos of people taking photos, must be a photography workshop.
How I wish I had signed up for this workshop sooner. Emily, Lauren and Brendan were full of expert information and so helpful in sharing all their tips and tricks.
We spent the first day going over all the technical aspects of photography. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO were all starting to click for me and I was finally realising how to get the photos I wanted and why I hadn't been able to produce it before (hint: Lenses make a huge difference to your photography!).
Sky Space, National Museum, Canberra. 
The second day was all about practice, practice, practice. Taking all of our new technical knowledge and trying to apply it. It was a fantastic day as Emily drove us around to different areas of Canberra that were perfect for capturing interesting shots. We headed to the Sky Space at the National Museum, the mist in the sculpture garden also at the National Museum, the graffiti in Civic,
the Merry-go-round also in Civic, the Governor General's drive and then out to the Stromlo Observatory. I had never been to quite a few of these destinations so it was really cool to check them out while also getting to play with our cameras.
Emily at Mount Stromlo Observatory.
I learnt so much from this workshop and am so excited now to keep playing around with my photography!
*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Guide to Life: Teacher Gifts

It is less than 2 months til Christmas!?!
I feel like such an adult when I say this but, man this year has just flown by!
Before you know it summer will be on our doorstep and school will be over for another year.
Which got me thinking about all those super fun end of year school activities (carols night, Christmas craft and sending home portfolios with proud as punch kiddies) and also end of year gifts (both buying them for my wonderful class and gifts I've received).
Last year was my first year of full time teaching and I was so spoiled by the parents of my class! I was given such a range of gifts and I honestly appreciated every single one. It is absolutely the thought that counts when it comes to gifts for teachers. Honestly, a simple "Thankyou, I've loved having you as a teacher" speech is just as special to me as any physical gift I could receive and I think that's so important for parents to remember as the end of the year draws nearer.
I hate the thought of parents feeling pressure to provide a particular calibre of present at the end of the school year. Over the years being involved with various schools I have seen parents who felt the need to spend lots of money to make sure the teacher knew how much they were valued and to keep up with other families in the class. I wanted to write this post to let parents know that teachers do not expect you to spend loads of money on us and we most definitely do not judge your appreciation for our work based on what you spend on a Christmas gift! If you think we did a great job, TELL US! We don't hear it as often as you may think and it's so nice when we do.
Still want to get your teacher something little for Christmas?
Keep it simple and small. In the past I have received a blueberry plant, movie voucher, chocolates, handmade cards, kids craft (including sock puppets depicting me and the student who made them - super cute!) and homemade treats.
Blueberry plant and Sock Puppet presents I received and loved!
 My biggest piece of advice on the gift giving front is to LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD!
As a teacher you often have a whole range of "inside jokes" with your class and often kids will want to do/get something related to this. Please let them! A gift that has clearly been chosen by the student and that shows that you have really got to know one another and created a great little community in your classroom is AWESOME!
Personally, I've told my class that all I want for Christmas this year is Chicken (a total inside joke, guess you had to be there!). If I get anything at all close to or representing chicken for Christmas I am going to laugh so hard, I'll be the happiest teacher in Australia!
Are you teacher? What kind of gifts would you like to receive for Christmas?
Are you parent? Do you do Christmas gifts for teachers? If so, what kind of gifts do you usually give?

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