Saturday, June 6, 2015

12wbt: Wrap up.

My time on the 12 Week Body Transformation Program is done and dusted.
So let's recap and review the program shall we...
I find food and healthy eating to be my biggest struggle. Being completely honest I didn't stick to my 1200 calories a day goal very well at all, but that's not 12wbt's fault. 12wbt provides HEAPS of recipe options and allows you to fully customise your weekly meal plan which means you can factor in tastes, time, cooking skill etc. Most of the recipe's I selected were delicious and I plan to continue making and eating many of them. My biggest issue was letting my organisation slip and then struggling to get back to a place where I had healthy options in the kitchen.
I believe the key to healthy eating truly is about staying organised.
12wbt provide a weekly exercise plan to follow. I chose not follow the plan as it was provided as I personally don't enjoy working out by myself. I took on the running plan they provided and chose to go to HIIT classes in the place of solo workouts. While I could have gone to gym more and probably worked out harder I was happy with my progress, especially when it came to running. I went from only being able to run for about 2 minutes before needing to walk, to be being able to run non-stop for 20 minutes. Then at the end of it all I completed my first ever 5km!
I now almost enjoy going to the gym for my morning run every couple of days.
If you are looking to gain strength and fitness, or lose weight, or learn to run I totally recommend the 12wbt. There are so many programs to chose from that everyone should be able to find something to suit them. I love the accountability of updating my stats every week and completing measurements and fitness tests every 4 weeks.
While I didn't stick to the program exactly, I still improved my fitness and learnt to run. I completed my goal of running in a 5km and found new motivation in getting and staying healthy.
Consistency is key!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

12wbt: Week Eleven (My First 5km)

When I first started 12wbt I decided to join the 'learn to run' program so that I could join the likes of my dad and sister and learn to love running.
I also wanted to complete a goal I had had for awhile now, to run my first ever official 5km.
This past Sunday I finally knocked that task off my Day Zero list!
At the start of 12wbt Michelle said to pick a goal event and complete it at the end of the 12 weeks. The Merimbula Fun Run fell on the Sunday of Week 11 of my program and I knew it was the perfect choice for me. Ofcourse, that was before I realised I would be attending a wedding the night before! But I was determined to still do the fun run and put my 12wbt running training to the test.
With the Bride at the wonderful wedding!
I got home from the wedding on Saturday night at 2am! And woke on Sunday morning still suffering from a head cold. Less than ideal start to my run day!!
I got to the race early and felt so nervous I was starting to feel sick...
What if I couldn't finish the race? What if I went out too hard at the start? What if I came last?
I had so many doubts about my own ability, I actually feel silly thinking back over them now.
Before the 5km.
I decided to set the goal of wanting to jog without stopping to the half way mark, after that I would let myself walk/jog as much or little as I needed. And I'm so happy to say that even though I wanted to quit at about the 2km mark I kept jogging to half way and then jogged as much of the rest as I could manage.
It also helped that my Dad was out on the course volunteering and my Mum came to cheer me on, so I had them encouraging me along the way!
I was pretty ready for it to be over at this point!
When I got the end I wanted to throw up or pass out. My head was throbbing and it felt like all the blood in my body had rushed to my forehead. Turns out running with a head cold can make you feel pretty terrible.
But, I was also totally proud of myself. 10 years ago I wouldn't even run 100 metres, so taking on a 5k was a huge deal for me. Believe it or not I actually want to do another one (where i'm not sick and tired) and try to get under that 30 minute mark!
Have you ever done a 5km? or further?
Do you love running or hate it?
(I love the first 5 minutes and hate the rest haha)

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

12wbt: Week Nine (Reflection)

Yep, i'm still at it.
I can't believe it's been nine weeks since I first started the 12wbt program, this year is just flying by!
This week was another where I wasn't perfect but I was perfectly happy with my performance. I'm definitely finding myself adopting more of an 80/20 approach to health and fitness and to be honest i'm totally happy with that. Going 100% at healthy eating and going to the gym all the time is hard. I'd rather find a balance and eat well most of the time and try my personal best. I feel like I've found the right place between being really strict with myself and letting myself enjoy life.
Enjoying some hot chips at the footy!
So what does that look like for me?
A 12wbt approved diet Mon-Thurs and then a more relaxed approach to food Fri-Sun. It doesn't mean I go out and eat a whole packet of tim tams, a large coke, 3 packets of twisties and a Big Mac on my relaxed days, it just means I have the option to go and eat out with friends and don't need to be as strict with cooking and meal planning.
As for the gym i'm aiming for 4 days a week, in whatever form feels right on that particular day/week.
Ok, enough about me.
Let me share my favourite meal of the week with you...
Mushroom, Haloumi Toast!

And so simple...
Heat a little butter/magarine in pan.
Add chopped mushroom.
Cook til brown.
Add haloumi and brown.
Serve on toast...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adult Cake Smash.

Cake Smash's are all the rage with photographers at the moment.
Take a one year old, place in front of bunting and balloons, give them a cake and GO!
Super cute and hilarious photos for perfect memories.
But, what about adults!?! Can't we play too!?
I say, YES!
Enter my 25th birthday Cake Smash shoot... seen here!
Thankfully, I had my amazing, wonderful, super helpful sister who could play photographer for a day as I am not equipped to take photos of myself and really, a cake smash doesn't work that way.
You can totally do this too!
The key here is the 'Burst Mode' on your camera. If you are grabbing a friend or family member to take some shots for you, they won't necessarily have all the skills of a professional and may not know how to capture the perfect moment. Burst Mode allows you to get a million photos of a range of different moments and lets you have your pick when it comes to editing.
I used picmonkey to edit my photos as my new computer has no image editing software unfortunately.
Really, you are only limited by your imagination with an Adult Cake Smash.
Pop the champagne, smash the cake, pop a balloon, open a surprise present... make it YOU!
There are NO rules.
A hilarious memory, whatever the age!

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