Saturday, July 30, 2016

Flutterbies at Tyalgum

This past school holidays my Mum and I took a trip up to sunny QLD to visit my Nan and escape the cold. My Nan lives in Tweed Heads, but we rented a little self-contained apartment at Nobby's Beach for the week. Hello, beautiful beach views and sunrises at our doorstep.
My Nan loves to go for drives and as this was the 3rd (maybe even 4th) year in a row of us heading up to visit her we had already gone on many of the possible day drives in the area. Enter the trusty Trip Advisor. I finally managed to find a driving route we hadn't yet explored and at the end of it... an adorable tea house!
Flutterbies at Tylagum is like taking a step back in time. This adorable, quaint teahouse has everything. An elegant indoor high tea room, a gift shop, a bar, a garden seating area, live music and more!
We opted to sit out the front of the teahouse on the quiet country road. It was a gorgeous sunny spot and I could have sat there for hours. Nan enjoyed the Devonshire tea, while Mum had the banana bread and I enjoyed one of their classic Flutterbies Cakes. Mum and I also enjoyed some iced mocha and coffee - yum!
If you are ever out behind Murwillumbah in the far north of NSW and looking for a pleasant drive, head out to Flutterbies, it's worth it!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Obsession: The CrossFit Games

Earlier this week I left work with a pounding headache, came home and wanted nothing more than to dive into a giant tub of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, fudge, brownie, choc-chip ice-cream... but I didn't. I'm trying to refocus on my health and fitness at the moment and filling myself up with sugar would definitely have turned out to be a regret once the sugar rush wore off.
Instead, I turned to Netflix, hoping to stumble upon something to distract me from my headache, or at the least something I could nap through.
Enter, The 2015 CrossFit Games
From second one of this documentary/sports program I was hooked! The muscles, the talent, the skill, the caluses, the pain, the effort, the excitement... I loved it!
Now, let's just be clear here. I do NOT do CrossFit, I have never even stepped foot inside a CrossFit gym. I do not lift weights, hell at the moment I pretty much almost never even exercise, but this event was absolutely captivating.
After enjoying it so much I needed more and so went on the hunt for more CrossFit Games goodness, only to find that the 2016 Games are happening right now! Ofcourse, I have now watched all the 'Road to The Games' youtube videos and have a clear vision of who I'm cheering for this year (example: Kara Webb - Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!).
I am absolutely baffled by my love for all things CrossFit Games, but I had to share in case anyone else out there finds themselves on the hunt for some unexpected Netflix gold!

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Saturday, June 25, 2016


On Thursday night I went along to the Canberra Vinnie's CEO Sleepout as a Social Media Volunteer.
It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the event live tweeting the night on Twitter, meeting the CEOs participating, and attending the informative presentation given by Vinnie's and their guests.
The CEOs beds for the night. Each CEO was given 3 pieces of cardboard to sleep on for the night.
It was a COLD, windy, rain filled night and it was inspiring to see over 100 CEOs out in the elements raising awareness and funds for homelessness.
The highlight of the night for me was definitely getting to sit in on the presentation portion of the night. I was able to gain insight into how Vinnie's use the funds raised from this event to support their work including the Night Patrol van, Clemente program and much more! Questacon, the host for the night, even presented a short science show for us all about the cold with an impressive liquid nitrogen and boiling water explosion for real impact!
The showstopper though, was definitely, Carol Boucher, a graduate of the Clemente program, who shared her personal story, displaying strength, grit and courage and managing to inspire, move and connect with every single person in that room. It was a truly touching presentation and an excellent reminder of why we were all there and what we were aiming to raise awareness and funds for.
Left to Right: Catherine Rey before we skyped with kids sleeping out at St John Paul College, some of the CEOs in the theatre, Carol Boucher, Top individual fundraiser Grant Tidswell accepting his winners pillow.
I'm so glad I was able to help with this event, if only in such a small way and am so proud of all the CEOs from all over Australia for giving up their time.
 While many of us may never know what it is truly like to be homeless, the awareness and money this campaign raises can only be a positive!

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

National Blood Donor Week

This past week June 12 - 18th has been National Blood Donor Week.
The aim of the week is to raise awareness about blood donation and encourage/remind people that blood donations are constantly needed.
I first gave blood earlier this year and couldn't believe how quick and easy it was. I left that appointment and went straight home to pencil my next appointment into my diary. When I arrived for that appointment I was asked to consider donating plasma as it was in desperate need at the time. Donating plasma is a longer process but I was more than happy to give it a go. Unfortunately my body did not agree with my mind and I only got 13% of the way through my donation when I started to overheat and became nauseous.
The staff at the blood donor centre at Canberra Hospital are the most amazing, kind, lovely, helpful people. They cooled me down, filled me with water and looked after me until I felt better.
Fast forward to this year, when I realised that it was time to head back for another donation. After the plasma incident I decided to stick to whole blood as there had been no issues with that the first time. Unfortunately, my body was not happy again. Luckily, I did manage to complete the donation this time before overheating and becoming nauseous.
Again, the staff were incredible, so positive, kind and caring.
I'm now in a position where I need to decide if it's worth trying again and when I will do that. Sometimes people can have a one off bad reaction, some people never react badly and some people it happens to regularly. At this point I'd like to think that I'll try at least one more time. Surely saving 3 lives is worth the risk of one more bout of nausea.
Anyway, the point of sharing my story is not to scare you off, but to remind people out there that there are so many different reasons why certain people can not donate blood. Because of that, we need anyone who is able to donate, to be giving as regularly as possible.
Never given blood? Not sure how you will react? Give it a go! What have you got to lose?
Be a hero and save 3 lives with just an hour of your time!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Television Commerical

Way back in 2008 I managed to score myself a paid role in a television commercial.
Today I finally found a copy of it on YouTube.
At the time I was working as a full-time live-in nanny and had a bit of spare time during the day when the kids were at school/day-care or napping. I wanted to get into more acting and so I did a bit of work as an unpaid extra on some short films around Canberra and then stumbled upon a casting call for a paid commercial.
I was so nervous walking into the audition, which was held at the office of the production company. I had close to zero experience and knew nothing about what was involved in trying out for a real acting gig.
Thankfully, the audition was fairly stress free as I simply learnt more about the job, answered some questions and only had to do a small amount of acting to camera. If I remember correctly, I was asked to hold giant fake teeth and pretend I was a teacher taking a lesson on dental hygiene (actually not sure I did this too well, as that's not the part I ended up getting).
Anyway, flash forward to the shoot date. It was held at a real dental surgery (where years later I also had my wisdom teeth removed, fun fact!). There was a makeup artist, food provided, contracts to sign... very professional stuff!
I was probably there for around 2.5 hours and spent maybe half an hour "acting".
See if you can spot me in the clip.
Did you? Did you? Did you spot my 2 second appearance?
Well, stop the video at:
- 0:08 seconds. That's me being an awesome dental student.
- 0:09 seconds. That's me passing the scalpel.
- 0:13 seconds. That's me standing in the dark at the very front, pretending to be doing important dentist stuff.
Some pretty impressive acting going on, am I right!?!
What blasts from the past have you received recently?
Ever been in a TVC of your own?
Anyone casting directors out there want to make me star?
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