Saturday, May 16, 2015

12wbt: Week Nine (Reflection)

Yep, i'm still at it.
I can't believe it's been nine weeks since I first started the 12wbt program, this year is just flying by!
This week was another where I wasn't perfect but I was perfectly happy with my performance. I'm definitely finding myself adopting more of an 80/20 approach to health and fitness and to be honest i'm totally happy with that. Going 100% at healthy eating and going to the gym all the time is hard. I'd rather find a balance and eat well most of the time and try my personal best. I feel like I've found the right place between being really strict with myself and letting myself enjoy life.
Enjoying some hot chips at the footy!
So what does that look like for me?
A 12wbt approved diet Mon-Thurs and then a more relaxed approach to food Fri-Sun. It doesn't mean I go out and eat a whole packet of tim tams, a large coke, 3 packets of twisties and a Big Mac on my relaxed days, it just means I have the option to go and eat out with friends and don't need to be as strict with cooking and meal planning.
As for the gym i'm aiming for 4 days a week, in whatever form feels right on that particular day/week.
Ok, enough about me.
Let me share my favourite meal of the week with you...
Mushroom, Haloumi Toast!

And so simple...
Heat a little butter/magarine in pan.
Add chopped mushroom.
Cook til brown.
Add haloumi and brown.
Serve on toast...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adult Cake Smash.

Cake Smash's are all the rage with photographers at the moment.
Take a one year old, place in front of bunting and balloons, give them a cake and GO!
Super cute and hilarious photos for perfect memories.
But, what about adults!?! Can't we play too!?
I say, YES!
Enter my 25th birthday Cake Smash shoot... seen here!
Thankfully, I had my amazing, wonderful, super helpful sister who could play photographer for a day as I am not equipped to take photos of myself and really, a cake smash doesn't work that way.
You can totally do this too!
The key here is the 'Burst Mode' on your camera. If you are grabbing a friend or family member to take some shots for you, they won't necessarily have all the skills of a professional and may not know how to capture the perfect moment. Burst Mode allows you to get a million photos of a range of different moments and lets you have your pick when it comes to editing.
I used picmonkey to edit my photos as my new computer has no image editing software unfortunately.
Really, you are only limited by your imagination with an Adult Cake Smash.
Pop the champagne, smash the cake, pop a balloon, open a surprise present... make it YOU!
There are NO rules.
A hilarious memory, whatever the age!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

12wbt: Week Eight (Stats)

My second Mini Milestone week has arrived.
Time to redo the fitness test, take my measurements and track my progress so far.
Things have picked up on the 12wbt front this week as I've planned my meals and began tracking my calories again.
I'm really happy with my fitness test results this week and love to see myself continuinly improving through this program!
Considering I weighed myself back at 75kg last week I was soooo happy to see the scales at 72.2kg this week!
The Running Challenge is how long you can run for before stopping (and then you continue the workout to reach 30 minutes total). This is the stat that I am most proud of this week. At the start of this program the thought of running continuously for even 10 minutes was soooo daunting, now I can do even more than that... yay!
Improvements all around, have to be happy with that! (Ignore the flexibility test, I still haven't set one up to do it).
Measurements staying fairly consistent.
So that's Week 8.
I had plans to run the 5km park run at home on the coast to celebrate this mini milestone but was unable to head home this weekend.
Instead I'm looking forward and working towards the 5km fun run I intend to do in Week 11.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fitspiration Series: Phoenix Rogers

Catch up on the first Fitspiration Series post: HERE.
Phoenix Rogers
Today I am highlighting the youngest member of one of the most fitspirational families in Australia.
Phoenix Rogers is the daughter of model and tv personality Chloe Maxwell and ex-NRL player turned tri-athlete Mat Rogers. And while I could feature either of her parents in this post it's Phoenix's dedication and motivation at such a young age that I find so impressive!
Phoenix's parents Mat and Chloe.
Phoenix has already completed SIX triathlons!
At only 7 years of age.
I've been inspired by Phoenix through watching Chloe's instagram updates and constantly thinking, if a 7 year old can get up and compete in a triathlon, I can get off the couch and go to the gym!
Chloe uploaded the above photo of Phoenix training with 'Daddy' with the caption '1km on the tready then 3km on the bike little legend!'. Little legend alright, I know adults that couldn't even complete this kind of training.
Phoenix, keep it up girl! You're amazing and I'm so impressed by all your achievements!
Watch out Chloe and Mat I think your little girl may just outshine you both ;)
Post written with permission from Chloe Maxwell.
All photos taken from Chloe's instagram account with permission from Chloe.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

12wbt: Week Seven (Reflection)

Time to be honest...
This week sucked in 12wbt terms.
It was a great week in life terms.
birthday dinner
I came back to Canberra on Monday feeling refreshed and reenergised after two weeks away on school holidays. Tuesday was my 25th birthday and also the first day back at school. The 2 ladies I work with bought cupcakes for our 3 classes and all the kids sang me Happy Birthday. I went out for dinner and a couple of drinks that night with my friends which was lovely and I got totally spoilt by them and my family! The rest of the week I settled back into the routine of work and being a grown up (shopping, preparing food etc.).
I only made it to the gym once this week but was totally pumped to improve my continuous running time from 6 minutes 30 seconds to 8 minutes.
Food, however, was my total downfall!
I ate whatever, whenever, wherever. I didn't count a single calorie. Really, I didn't even consider the health value of anything before scoffing it down.
And I paid the price... yep, I'm back to my start weight from seven weeks ago.... oops!
That said, here I am heading into Week 8 ready to kick butt at 12wbt again.
I took my week of pigging out and spoiling myself for my birthday. That's over now and I'm heading into Week 8 with a focus to get back into routine and re-commit. Staying on track 100% comes down to pre-planning, stocking your fridge and cupboards and getting into a rhythm and routine. For possibly the first time in my life I am actively looking forward to getting back into my gym routine.

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