Saturday, August 9, 2014

Number One Feel Good Song.

You know the type of song, right? You turn it on and can’t help but sing and dance around your house, a huge smile spread wide across your face, as all your worries drift away for about 3 minutes… OR, better yet, when it unexpectedly comes on the radio and you can’t help but groove along regardless of where you are (yes I am guilty of singing and dancing around the supermarket… regularly!).

There’s loads of songs that can have this effect on  me on a good day, but the one song that can make me happy 99.9% of the time has to be…
“Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader.

I always enjoyed this song but totally fell for it when it was used in the final episode of the third season of “Down to Earth”. I loved the series and had cried along with every viewer when the main character Brian died but loved that the final episode was bright and happy as the Addis family looked forward to their futures. Ever since, this song has made me instantly happy and turns my frown upside down!

Do you have a song that can always make you feel good?
Share it in the comments!!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Tomorrow, almost two years after graduating from university, I will finally be able to say that I have my own classroom.

Tomorrow I will become responsible for the learning of 21 mini humans for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow I will finally have a fulltime job with one place to call work, my very own desk and a place to put my coffee mug.

Tomorrow I will be so excited to get to know my class.

Tomorrow I will be ridiculously nervous to meet the parents.

Tomorrow will no doubt fly by in a blur of trying to remember bell times and where things are.

Tomorrow I become, Miss Kindy!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm Walking On Air (Soon to be a Millionaire)

This past week has been a total blur of busy! A blur of busy, that has ended with excitement, happiness and the biggest smile ever. You see, this week, things have just fallen into place. Everything I have been working for and waiting for and even hoping for has magically sorted itself out there in the universe and the future is looking damn fine. I won’t go into all the details of the week, except to say that on Monday night it was shaping up to be the week from hell as different things kept popping up unexpectedly and trying to fit it all into my schedule was a nightmare. However, I made it work and come Thursday I was ready for the best day ever.

Thursday morning I started working at a new school where I have secured a classroom teaching position for the rest of the year! I got to meet all the (super friendly and helpful) staff, learn a bit about the school and my new class and then at the end of the day I got to spend a little time meeting and getting to know my Kindies.

In the middle of my first day I had to duck out for a while to attend my Recruitment Round Teaching Interview. This interview gets me a ranking as a teacher in the ACT which is then used to determine the position I get next year. While there was a little stress off knowing that I've secured a job for the rest of this year, I was still eager to do well as I’d love to get a permanent position next year. Thankfully, the panel were really friendly and encouraging and I think the interview went really well.

After all that running around and stressing, meeting new people and getting really excited for the rest of this year I arrived home to a missed call on my phone. On returning the call I got possibly the most exciting news of the year…

I’m going to be a contestant on MILLIONAIRE HOT SEAT!!!

This will be me, so soon! Also, how pro are my photoshop skills!?! hahaha.

Filming is set for later this month and I am beyond excited…. I’m going to be on TV and I could win a whole lot of money while I’m at it! I just can’t wait!

Then, as if the day couldn’t get any better, I even won the lucky door prize at my friend’s partylite candle party. Talk about a lucky day!!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Millionaire Hot Seat Audition

A while back over on my Facebook page I mentioned that I had made a trip up to Sydney to audition for a Game Show. I thought it was about time I finally shared my experience auditioning for Millionaire Hot Seat.

I made the six hour trek from my home town to Sydney with my Mum the day before the audition. Luckily, we have family out in Western Sydney so we stayed with them over night and then caught the train into the city the next day.

We got to the city with plenty of time to grab a cup coffee, look in a few shops and grab a bite for lunch. Then it was time for me to head off solo to the audition.

When I arrived at the audition we were herded into a large room and given a quiz paper each. This section ran just like the show where they gave 30 multiple choice questions and we had 20 seconds to record an answer. The quizzes were marked and then a certain percentage of people were kept based on their score, anyone who dropped below that score left at this point and were invited to apply again as many times as they like.

I, personally, fell one point below the cut off for this particular audition but was allowed to stay on for the next section because I had travelled so far to be there.

The second part of the audition required us to fill out a 4 page questionnaire all about ourselves and how we would spend the money. We also had 1 minute to sell ourselves to the casting director while we sat under a spotlight and were filmed. We were told they were looking for contestants that stood out and had personality and charisma and that we needed to share a story to do this.

I sat, I filled out my form, I waited, I listened, and finally it was my turn. I couldn’t tell you exactly what I said or did as it was all over soooo quick but I managed to make both the casting director and remaining auditionees laugh so I’m counting that as a positive.

And that was that! My name is now on file (along with everyone who got to the second stage) and I could be called up at any time to head to Melbourne for filming.  So, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me and you could be seeing me win the Million on your television screen!!

Special shout out to my Mum who travelled all that way with me in her school holidays and had to entertain herself for over two hours waiting for me in the audition!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Cheap DIY Pinboard

Living in a rental property it can be hard to decorate without breaking the conditions of your lease. In my house we aren’t allowed to use hooks or blue tack to hang things on walls and so for the past six months mine have remained bare and white. My room was lacking decoration and had no photos of my friends or family in it. I realised  I needed to create something cheap, that allowed me to show off lots of photos and was really light weight to hang from the walls.

Introducing, the Super Cheap and Easy DIY Pin Board!

I bought all the materials I needed for under $20 from Big W (not sponsored in any way, shape, or form!).

-          Thick Black Cardboard
-          1 roll of wrapping paper
-          1 packet twine (could use string or ribbon)
-          1 packet of thumb tacks
-          Cut wrapping paper in slightly larger rectangle than the cardboard.
-          Pin paper onto back of cardboard, pulling tight to avoid bubbles.
-          Create  a diamond or zig zag pattern with twine by pinning sections down with thumb tack.
-          Using twine and thumb tacks create two small hooks on back of board.
-          Hang on wall using removable stick on hooks.
-          Insert photos and documents into twine to display.

This project really was very simple and only took about half an hour to assemble. I love that I can change up the photos as often as I like and if I get sick of the paper I choose I could change that too.

Whats your top tip for decorating in a rental  property?

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